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Nii Saka Brown advises celebrities to plan for their futures
Nii Saka Brown

Your lifestyle today affects your future — Nii Saka Brown to celebs

The recent cry for help by veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio has again brought up for discussion the plight of our creative artists when they age.

Of course, this is not the first time Psalm Adjeteyfio has asked for help and he is certainly not the first to go public with his struggles as countless examples abound.

After having witnessed one too many of such stories, actor Nii Saka Brown is cautioning celebrities to be mindful of the expensive lifestyles they live now and think of the future.

According to Nii Saka Brown, most celebrities lived above their means while others lived fake lifestyles just to please their fans.

“Who are you deceiving? If you don’t have what it takes to live lavishly, why do you worry yourself borrowing to impress? I know celebrities who owed Uber drivers and tailors for months. They tell the drivers they will pay them at the end of the month and when the time comes, some change their numbers. I hear these stories all the time,” he said.


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Nii Saka Brown, who attracted backlash for comments he made about Psalm Adjeteyfio being the cause of his unfortunate circumstance, stated that a lot of celebrities did not plan their lives well in their prime and were always found wanting in the future.

“Lack of planning is the reason most of these celebrities are broke when they go on retirement. When you are paid, common sense should tell you that you need to save some of the earnings for the future.
Some of these celebs spend all the money they receive believing they will get it again,” he said.
The actor, who said he became sad anytime his colleague actors had to solicit for funds in their old age, said it was about time they invested and signed on to some insurance policies to secure their future.

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“Our work is such that when you are not relevant, you do not get any gig and no money comes in. So in this situation, if you did not plan well, you will be in trouble. Other celebs planned their lives well and today they are enjoying with their families,” he said.

To Nii Saka Brown, celebs should not be pressured by their fans who expected them to live a certain lifestyle.

“When we are seen on the screens and on stage, the fans expect us to live big but it is up to us to be truthful to ourselves, live modestly and save for the future. Due to proper planning, I own two houses with one more on the way and I want to use this opportunity to plead with celebrities to think of the future and plan well,” he said.

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