We’re focusing on regions

BY: Daily Graphic

Ghana owes its strength, opportunities and successes to the rich human and material resources that abound in the land.

The country is rich and blessed with abundant resources needed for all aspects of development – technological, social, economic and political.

From the north, east, south and west of the country, there abound very important natural resources which, if well managed and utilised, will see the country catapult itself in development within a short space of time.

Gold and bauxite alone, scattered across the country, account for more than 60 per cent of Ghana’s primary exports.

Other major economic natural resources are manganese, diamond, timber, rubber, hydropower, petroleum, silver, salt and limestone. We can boldly say nature has been very benevolent to the country.

There are other resources that could be mentioned.  On the Kumasi-Accra highway is located the Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary, an undisturbed forest where different butterfly species could be observed, especially during mid-day when there is no moisture.

The reserve is also ideal for rain forest walks where visitors can see different tree species.

The beautiful Lake Bosumtwe, formed by an ancient meteorite strike in the Ashanti Region, is another interesting scene one cannot avoid on a visit to the Ashanti Region.

The many forts and castles, the waterfalls, basket and kente weaving, the Nzulezu stilt village, the Mole and Kakum parks and many other interesting places can be marketed to reap money for the economy.

The sheer traditional life of the people, especially those in the hinterlands, is exciting to learn about.

But more of similar fascinating potential money-making destinations are inaccessible because of bad roads and for the fact that they have not been developed.

The Daily Graphic thinks that the country is now on the crossroads of its development and every citizen has a responsibility to put their shoulders to the wheel to contribute to this realisation.

We are very much aware of the competing space for news, which makes it challenging for the various regions to be covered adequately the way we want it to be.

It is in view of this that we have taken the initiative as the leading media organisation of the land to focus on the resources of the regions and other potential, as well as the challenges that militate against their development, to give them equal and consistent voice and audience in their efforts to meet their development agendas.

Today, we are launching the regional Spotlight in Takoradi, with the paper having in-depth new items from the regions.

We would do this periodically by highlighting the strengths and challenges spanning agriculture, oil and gas, mining, energy, tourism, roads, science and technology, water and sanitation, and the other areas that affect the standard of living of the people.
We believe bringing these to the attention of the authorities and the whole nation at large will help bring the necessary interventions while highlighting the potential will attract investors and visitors alike to these places to shore up the local economy and consequently national revenue.

We urge our numerous esteemed readers to continue to patronise the paper and others to get copies of the Daily Graphic to know more about our regions and the hinterlands to get more insight into what they can offer for the development of the nation.

 We also encourage our readers and other Ghanaians who discover anything of social and economic interest in the regions not to hesitate to contact us to help bring it to the limelight.