Vicky Wireko - The writer
Vicky Wireko - The writer

If Ghana fails, Africa fails: Reassuring words

Sometimes, it is good to be out there among mature, positive-minded and forward-looking minds.

It allows one to assess moods and gauge the temperature.  I am talking about the mood of the people regarding the situation in the country.

And so last week, I paced up to an invitation I initially dragged my feet to honour.  It was a diplomatic, high-profile gathering which left me extremely elated and glad that I was able to make it after all, because I walked away as a proud Ghanaian, with the belief that Ghana is not and will never be a lost cause.


At the gathering which was a cocktail party, I had the opportunity to move around to chat with a few people, some I knew and most, I was meeting for the first time.  I was struck by the conversation I had with two people I interacted with.

One matured Ghanaian professional came across as a positive person proud of his country and in his own words apolitical.  

He told me what he looked for was anyone ready to lead Ghana on the same progressive path as the first Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew who took Singapore from rags to riches.

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To him, the politics we are practising in this Fourth Republic is not helping us get where we would like to be.  The acrimony and bickering take a whole lot from our chart forward.

To him, a true visionary leader, who shared his aspirations for selflessness with passion for a development agenda that will benefit the majority of the people is what he is on the look-out for.  

He struck a chord with me and we chatted for quite a long time.  


I had to move on, encountering the most enchanting foreign diplomat I had ever met who had taken up his new job just months ago. He told me about his excitement to move to Ghana as his next duty post.

He was upfront with me concerning joy for Ghana and being in Ghana.  To him, Ghana is a beacon of hope for Africa, considering what he has read, what he has heard and what he has experienced in the last few months he has been working here.  

I am sure if I had colour, I would have blushed with pride to hear that about my country. Nonetheless, I saw an expressive glow on his face and an enchantment in his voice as we spoke.  

He told me, without mincing words, “If Ghana fails, Africa will fail” and quickly added: “Ghana cannot fail”. 

Indeed, Ghana cannot fail,but based on several factors, I found myself retorting.

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