Eligible voters patronise nationwide limited voter registration
Eligible voters patronise nationwide limited voter registration

Limited registration brouhaha

I have been following the ongoing limited registration exercise and the discussions arising from it. 

To say the least, the Electoral Commission’s (EC) restrictive stance to limit the exercise to their district offices is an affront to the democratic rights of first-time registrants.

The EC's stance is in spite of opposition from some political parties and civil society organisations.

Some concerned citizens are even in court over the matter.

My concern is why the EC is refusing to give an ear to the numerous reasons advanced by the various political groups and concerned citizens on the need to extend the exercise to other centres in the districts for the convenience of first-time registrants.

If, for whatever reasons, the EC cannot conduct the exercise at all registration centres, a compromise can be reached to conduct the exercise in about four centres in every constituency or district.

By the way, why are EC offices closed all year round only to be opened during registration and election exercises?

Are officials of the EC paid for the time they vacate their offices to stay at home without doing any work?

Are officials of the EC not civil or public servants who are supposed to work all year round and go on paid annual leaves like all other civil or public servants?

My concerns are numerous on this issue of EC offices closed only to open during registration and election exercises.

Why can't EC open its district offices at all times to enable first -time registrants walk in at any time to register?

For how long shall we continue with this limited registration exercise in this country?

These are my concerns and l wish somebody can explain issues to this old pensioner to understand. 

Asst. Comm. Mark Kofi Logo (rtd),
Customs Division of GRA. 

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