The pylon with one ot its stands in the road
The pylon with one ot its stands in the road

Are they sleeping on the job?

Governmet’s bid to improve road infrastructure in the country is commendable, however for inexplicable reasons, some of the contracts are being executed with no regard to safety.

One of such projects is the stretch between the Atomic Junction and the Haatso Total filling station, specifically, directly opposite the Haatso branch of the Access Bank on the said stretch.

The stretch has one of the pylons carrying 34.5 KVA power; the drain by the road passes through the four stands of the pylon, with one stand on the road.

I am no engineer, but clearly there is real and apparent danger to motorists and third parties.

My checks are that such pylons must be located at least 50 feet, that is, 15.24 metres, from any human habitat and or structure.

Roads are not built out of the blue but through proper planning via surveying, relocation of utilities, and community engagements, etc.

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The location of the said pylon as pictured is so conspicuous that none of the agencies, institutions, bodies, authorities so affected can plead alibi.

As if that is not enough, pylons have been erected, some as close as five feet from existing structures on the Haatso, Transition, Bohye stretch and one is tempted to ask, “who is in charge?”

The location of a power substation at Old Ashongman, next to the Ahmaddiya Mission on a parcel of land clearly demarcated as wet land, with bill boards erected by the Ga East Municipal Assembly (GEMA), is clearly wrong.

We are in a country were nothing seems to work.

People paid to ensure compliance sleep on the job and nothing happens.

 The ultimate affected persons, unfortunately, are not the ones who had slept on their job, but the ordinary Ghanaian like me and you.

This issue was reported to the Water Resources Commission (WRC), but it seems the “powers that be” have dwarfed their authority.

Those concerned must sit up for my peace is indeed fractured.       

Osei Kwabena, ESQ.

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