All parties of this tape must be clients of helpful psychologists

All parties of this tape must be clients of helpful psychologists

Certainly the above 👆🏻 picture is apt of brotherhood. That was a matured gesture. All parties did well by demonstrating that level of maturity. But are these beautiful gestures for the screens?


The warm greetings and exchange for me could be a starting point of Ghana Police Service (GPS) reforms. Can we build on it?

What can we learn from this matter?  Are we even learning ?

*Ghana must still win by we all ensuring that the much needed reforms be carried out to streamline the operations of GPS.

Who is chronicling the valuable lessons from what is happening? Let’s have a positive mindset and learn proactively

-I see frustration-aggression theory at play at GPS. Procedural injustice and work processes-induced stress can make both leaders and the led to behave contrary to what we expect

Who is calling for psychological assessment on whom? 

I hereby confirm that all parties involved may need psychological support 

All the parties must be clients of helpful psychologists

1. Police Management Board, Police Council , Senior-Most  Officers must carry out their work in a dignified manner.

2. Can there be a biannual meeting of all Senior-most officers - ACs to COPs [ as well as top office holders below those ranks of AC] to reflect, brainstorm, generate new ideas, and resolve together on strategic plans?

3. Aside the rank-order grievance process, can there be a way of seeking constructive views, suggestions and feedforward initiatives from all personnel and officers to grow GPS?

4. Where are the former IGPs? Where are all those who have retired on their salaries? Why are they so quiet? Why are we paying them and other retired officers after retirement? Are their mouths gagged too? This is the time they must support GPS. 

5. Fair or unfair, this tape has eroded the seeming little confidence the populace may have had in GPS. How do we rebuild? How do we reignite confidence? Where do we start from?

6. Where are the minutes [for GPS internal use] of POMAB? How many of such meetings have been held in the past year, two or three years ago? How many members have been in attendance for this essential meeting? How are POMAB meetings conveyed? How are such meetings organised? Is there a healthy feedback seeking propensity for POMAB meetings ?

7. All those involved needed psychological support before, during and even after the proceedings. 

Military has built a enviable and formidable wellness and therapy department with over 20 different psychologists ( plus other mental health team members] to support all staff, where is that of GPS???? 

8. It is clear in my mind that all parties involved may need some tailored leadership and emotional intelligence support Emotion regulation before and during proceedings needs improvement. 

9. As a management consultant and Psychologist, to a large extent, *employees do leave bosses and not organizations * 

This requires that as leaders, we take stock of how we are leading, how the majority feel against the insignificant minority ( a worry if they are part of the strategic apex).


10. There is the need for introspection and self-evaluation 

GPS must keep the security protocol, maintain healthy rank-order reputation but embrace 21st Century Leadership Skills Mindset.

I urge all parties involved in this tape to ask themselves, what will I do different if this situation is to start anew?

The writer is an organisational psychologist and leadership consultant, University of Ghana


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