U/W Regional Police to arrest irate Tumu youth

BY: graphic.com.gh
 The police vehicle which was vandalised by the youth
The police vehicle which was vandalised by the youth

The Upper West Regional Police Commander, DCOP Okyere Boapea has underscored the commitment of the police to maintain law and order. 

He says the regional command will do all in its power to apprehend irate youth who stormed the Tumu police station to destroy property.


The attack on Thursday followed the alleged drowning of one Kanwe Hanidu, said to be part of a wee-smoking gang whom the police were chasing. 

The youth got angry about the incident, accused the police of causing Hanidu's death and besieged the police station Thursday night.

Speaking to police personnel when he visited the station Saturday morning, he said “We are going to delve into the case. Rule of law will work, and at the end of it all whoever is found culpable will be dealt with”

DCOP Boapea who also met with landlords and leaders of Tumu, said the investigation will be fair and firm, explaining that “already the police administration and for that matter the regional command has started our investigation. The investigation will be fair and firm. We are going to engage you in further discussions so that we will come to (an) amicable settlement for the mean time”.