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When is the right time to ask a girl for a date?

When is the right time to ask a girl for a date?

There is obviously a first time for everything in life and taking the first step usually comes with anxieties and apprehensions. When the initiator of the action is you, and it involves the matters of the heart, you surely want to do it right and be very impressive.


Little wonder that many guys, therefore, try hard to be at their best when they have to ask girls out on dates.

Here’s a process for you:

Before you even approach the dating world, make sure you are quality material that girls would want at least to chat with you and be around you. After all, you don't go looking for a job in a T-shirt and ripped jeans so, guys, don't go looking for a girl until you have made adequate preparations in the world of hygiene and fitness.

Even more important than this is the need to work on your body language and facial expressions. Girls put a lot of premium on these things. Before you start dating, you would need to have some money that you can spend on the date —remember you are asking her out. So the principle is never to ask someone out and not be in a position where you can really show her some fun.

And for the most important aspect of self-branding, know exactly who you are and what you want in life. If you don't know this, then there's no good reason a girl would date you.  Many girls don’t want to date someone who has no idea what he wants to do with himself and how he perceives to live. It's risky for their future planning as girls think more about their future when considering who to commit to in a relationship.

Pick a girl

I mean pick a girl. Don't just ask girls who you think are cute out. Have a conversation with them first. Make sure there are not some major incompatibility issues before you go and intend to spend an evening with her.  And please do this one at a time. You can't get to know five girls at once. Get to know them one at a time so you can decide who you really want to commit to.

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Come up with a plan.

Have a solid idea on how you're going to ask her out it. It doesn't matter if it's in person, over the phone or with a text message. As long as it is thought-out, you are good to go. Have a solid idea on what you want to do—don't say, "Hey! You want to go out some time?  What do you like to do?" Instead say, "Hey I heard about a really good club and I wanted to check it out. Would you like to go with me?" The most important thing to understand about executing plans during a date, however, is that it never goes according to plan. 

Always remember NEVER to ask a friend to ask a girl out on your behalf as it might appear you are not a confident guy and no girl is proud of a guy with low self-esteem—My dear BE BOLD.

Sometimes if you are not courageous to do such things yourself, the one you depend on might not do what you expect. There are many talks of such ‘go—betweens’ actually wooing the girls themselves so watch it.

Save yourself humiliation and do not send the girl’s friend to do your bidding. Girls don’t usually want such private issues to be open secrets among their pals. Even if they want to talk about such proposals to their friends, they often want to keep it to their chests and release the information as and when they please.

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