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Nkoranza women dismiss notion of ‘bediankɔ’

Some women in Nkoranza, situated in the Bono East Region, have dismissed the notion that they employ local black magic, known as "bediankɔ", to attract marriage.


Instead, they attribute their successful relationships to their ability to nurture men by attending to their emotional and physical needs.

These women take pride in their unique qualities, believing that it gives them an advantage when competing with women from other tribes for a man's affection.

Their dedication to caring for their partners makes them highly desirable.


The Mirror's visit to Nkoranza in August 2023, as part of an assessment of the region's development progress, brought this to light.

Over three days, The Mirror observed and engaged with women in various suburbs of Nkoranza, including Kokofu, A-line, Koase, Sesseman, Fiema and Nkoranzafie.

The observations revealed that many women in the area engaged in a variety of trades, including selling foodstuffs, hawking firewood, operating chop bars and farming.

It was common to see women preparing meals in neighbourhood corners, reflecting their dedication to their families and livelihoods.

Unfortunately, the "bediankɔ" story has portrayed the women in the town negatively in the eyes of many, with some acknowledging that women from other tribes, like the Ashantis, were known to consult local deities for "bediankɔ."

However, several women interviewed by The Mirror disputed the existence of black magic and emphasised that the women of Nkoranza were respectful and humble.

They regarded the "bediankɔ" narrative as an outdated belief, stating that it had no basis in reality.

These women pointed out that there were Nkoranza women whose husbands had left them for women from other tribes, questioning the validity of the "bediankɔ" myth.

They believed that individuals with genuine intentions in marriage would always succeed.


Pensioners at the SSNIT office in Nkoranza had positive remarks about the women in the area, praising their helpfulness, dedication to their husbands and commitment to marital success.

According to a retired staff member of the Ghana Water Company Limited, Mr Michael Asante, Nkoranza women are known for their goodness, respect and calmness.

He suggested that the choice of a spouse was important and emphasised that he did not believe his wife had used "bediankɔ" on him.

Another pensioner, Mr Marcus Appenteng, expressed his belief that marrying an Nkoranza woman would have improved his life.

He cited examples of how supportive these women were, investing in their husband's businesses during financial difficulties.

The Chief of Agyina in the Kintampo South District, Nana Adu Baffoe Adade II, stated that the women were upright and excellent wives.

He encouraged people to dispel the myth of "bediankɔ" and appreciate the qualities of Nkoranza women.

Young men

Young men in the area, including some teachers, spoke positively about Nkoranza women, with their only concern being the women's fondness for "duabo", referring to their preference for traditional practices or rituals.

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