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Event planning requires more than passion — Catherine Mirian Sakyi to newbies
Catherine Mirian Sakyi, Founder, Crystal Haze Events School

Event planning requires more than passion — Catherine Mirian Sakyi to newbies

Many young people continue to venture into the event planning industry as it looks like a space which requires less skills and training.


For some, the ability to “walk around” and coordinate guests at an event makes a person an event planner.

However, industry professional Catherine Mirian Sakyi has advised that to excel in the space, a newcomer needs to invest their time and make conscious efforts to learn the ropes.

In an interview with The Mirror in Accra last Thursday, Mrs Sakyi, who is the head of Crystal Haze Events, said she had observed a significant shortage of skilled workers in the space. 

Having spent about six years as an event planner, she said many planners often cut corners in a bid to reduce costs, which could compromise the quality and outcome of their events.

"The issue is, some planners forget that the quality and outcome of an event are directly tied to the quality of the tools and resources used," Mrs Sakyi explained. "Major events around the world result from hard work, dedication, creativity and investment. Cutting corners only leads to subpar outcomes."

She advised that it was better to plan a classy and simple event with a low-budget than to produce a poor or over the top event with a high-budget. 

"As with any craft, a full investment of time, effort and passion can lead any newcomer to achieve excellence and growth within the industry," Mrs. Sakyi noted.

Competition in the industry
The journalism and public relations graduate asserted the presence of competition in the industry as more individuals venture.  

She ,however, stressed that despite this, there is always demand for outstanding service that clients are willing to pay for leaving room for those willing to go the extra mile to gain. 

She stated that she has gained her success after discovering her passion for the profession while planning her daughter's first birthday party. 
“This experience motivated me to seek additional training and internships with renowned event planners. I worked my way up after that”, she added.

Challenges within the industry and setting up a school
Mrs Sakyi highlighted a significant challenge she had observed: a lack of skilled employees proficient in both software tools and client relations.

"For instance, I continually train and retrain my employees in these areas and also in basic graphic design to ensure we achieve optimal results," she noted. 

This challenge prompted her to establish a school, the Crystal Haze Events School (CHES) focused on training individuals in various areas of event planning and software proficiency.

Catherine Mirian Sakyi speaking at the opening of the Crystal Haze Events School

Registered under Ghana's National Vocational Training Institute, the school, located at Adentan, Accra offers courses in design, event planning and management. 

Future for the industry
Touching on this, she noted that the future looked bright for event planners in Ghana, envisioning substantial growth and global recognition for the industry. 

“The sector is very lucrative and can contribute significantly to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product if more focus is directed at it. For those interested, it is important to prioritise excellent reputation, vendor and clients’ relations to profits,” she asserted.

She added that there were days when business might be slow and clients may prove difficult but as a professional, your duty is to never lose hope, be tolerant and invest in personal and professional development. 

Highlighting the significance of social media in this profession, Mrs Sakyi emphasised that platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook enable event planners to reach a broader audience and cultivate a strong online presence," she remarked. 

She believes to stay relevant, players must stay up to date with current trends 

In her work, Mrs Sakyi particularly leverages these platforms to promote her speciality in destination weddings, catering especially to couples from the diaspora interested in hosting their weddings in the country.


"These social media channels have been useful in promoting my niche and I have acquired majority of my clients through this," she said.

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