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Here is a list of easy World Records to break
Here is a list of easy World Records to break

Here is a list of easy World Records to break

Have you ever wanted to break a World Record? It’s not just about being the tallest or shortest person anymore- there are a TON of records out there that are EASY to break.


Well, why not create an unforgettable moment for them by trying one of these easy world records to break?

With just a bit of creativity and preparation, you can be a Guinness World record-breaker! So let’s get ready now – it’s time to put a plan into action and have some fun together!

It’s not just about sing-a-thon, cook-a-thon, speecha-thon that have become very common in Ghana. 

You might be surprised at how many records are out there! You might wonder- who the heck came up with these? But that just makes it more interesting and hard to beat! (Read also Guinness World Records: Man builds Eiffel Tower model with 700,000 matchsticks over eight years only to be rejected)

Keep reading to see the list!

1. The most number of underpants put on in under one minute (done in teams of two)

The number to beat for this one is 17. It was most recently beaten in Italy in 2017. Channel your inner Captain Underpants and give this one go!

2. The largest bubblegum bubble was blown

This record is rather impressive. A 20-inch bubble was blown in 2004, so this one might be harder than it seems.

3. Most Smarties/M&Ms eaten in one minute using chopsticks (while blindfolded)

This one was beaten more recently in 2022. The girl who beat it was able to successfully eat 22

4. Most socks put on in 30 seconds

A fun way to get them to (happily) pick up the socks is to have them try to practice this record afterward. 28 shouldn’t be terribly hard!

5. Fastest Time to Match 20 Emoji pairs

Oh my, this is a great one for those Gen Z kids! The Guinness World Records page even provides an online game to practice and a printable version as well. This one is currently taking applicants!

6. Fastest time to pack a school bag

I mean, we’ve all been there in the morning when you have to make a mad dash to pack a school bag. Encourage your kids to go even faster so they can beat this record.

7. Lip Balm Collecting

Two sisters have this record at 3,388 and not sure how one would even know where to store those!

7. Longest Undefeated Chess Streak

This one would be pretty tricky to beat the world-famous Chess player – but if you have a competitive child who loves chess, it’s worth a shot. The record to beat is winning more than 121 consecutive chess games.

8. Most tosses of a pancake in one minute

And bonus points if you eat them afterward (does anyone else have children who are obsessed with eating contests?)

9. Fastest time to arrange the alphabet

A child who is savvy with the alphabet might just be able to do this one!

10. Fastest time to put on 5 T-shirts

Just do this one right after you finish with the socks!

Well, there you have it. 10 of some of the easiest World Records to beat!



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