LEKMA Hospital road project stalled

BY: Nii Martey M. Botchway
Front view of the LEKMA Hospital.
Front view of the LEKMA Hospital.

Residents along the Lekma-Lascala-Manet road at Teshie have expressed displeasure about the deplorable state of the road and the health hazards they are exposed to as a result.

The 7.5-kilometre stretch, which connects the Spintex Road to the Accra-Tema Beach road has stalled since 2016.

Unfortunately, it is the only alternative route to residential areas around the Manet Estate, off the Spintex road.

Residents and commuters alike have had cause to complain about the road, decrying the potholes which keep increasing in size and depth by the day.

Recent rainfalls in the city have also added to the nightmare of driving on that stretch, especially when the showers start early in the mornings.

Drivers have to apply all the requisite driving skills during such periods to drive through unscathed as the roads suddenly turn into muddy patches, becoming slippery and dangerous.

Bumpy ride to healthcare

Patients visiting the LEKMA Hospital have had to endure the discomfort of bumpy rides on the potholes-ridden stretch. The nature of the road also makes it difficult for emergency cases to be rushed in because drivers always have to slow down in order to bring in patients safely and not worsen their condition.

Nearly every surface of the LEKMA hospital is covered in dust and the air conditioners paints a better picture of the situation.

High maintenance cost

In an interview with the Daily Graphic some drivers who do business on that stretch complained bitterly about the high maintenance costs they have to endure to keep their vehicles in good shape.

One driver, who gave his name as Annan Okang, said he had changed his shock absorbers thrice in a space of eight months and this had affected his finances negatively.

According to him, drivers may consider transferring the cost of maintaining their vehicles to passengers, if the situation is not resolved within the shortest possible time.

We feel disrespected

Another driver, Michael Anum, says they feel disrespected by government's inability to fix the road.

According to him, despite the concerns raised by residents and drivers alike, it defies logic why the road has been left unattended to by government.

We are worried

Some shop owners have expressed worry about the situation. They indicate that the dust has affected their businesses in several ways leading to low patronage.

The dust, they say, is unbearable. While some have resorted to fixing air conditioners to salvage the issue which the say comes at an extra cost. The rest have to occasionally wipe dust off their products to ensure that they do not gather dust.


A tenant, who was seen relocating last Saturday, said issues of proximity made him rent in the area. However, the amount of dust that gathers in his apartment upon his return from work was too much as he had to clean up the house everyday after a long day at work. This, he said, was a factor that was making him relocate to another area of the city.

No help in sight

Residents along the stretch may have to endure all the challenges that come with the unfinished road as it appears there are no immediate plans in place to address the situation.

Contract re-awarded

In a telephone conversation, the Deputy Director of the Department of Urban Roads, Mr Akwasi Nuamah said the road had been re-awarded to another contractor to see to its completion.

He indicated that many factors had contributed to the rather long delay of the project.

He was, however, quick to add that the new contractor had started mobilising for work and that active construction works on the stretch should begin in the coming days.

Link road

When completed the road would link the Spintex Road and the Accra-Tema Beach Road and would also connect the Tsuibleoo, Agblezaa and Tebibiano communities to the Accra-Tema Beach Road.