Freedom to prophesy; Christian bodies gagged

Perhaps I worry too much. But is there not a cause? The Christian Council, the Pentecostal Council and the Association of Charismatic Churches remain gagged a month after the revelation by widow of the late John Kumah, that the prophet, “Nigel Gaisie, knew very well that my husband was terminally ill as far back as August 2023 but regardless of that, he stood on his altar on 31st December, 2023 to lie through his supposed prophecy”. 


On that December 31st night, the prophet “prophesied” that “a Ghanaian deputy minister will die in the year 2024.”

But speaking on Asaase FM, Mrs (Apostle) Lilian Kumah disclosed that Nigel Gaisie, by virtue of his closeness to their family, possessed detailed information about John Kumah's terminal illness — cancer.

Freedom of unlimited?

Democracy is good, but isn’t it expected of wise people that we protect our eyes when elements in society, by their deeds and utterances, are poking a broomstick too close to our face? Must it be freedom of worship, unlimited, freedom of association, unlimited?

A friend who recently returned from Rwanda reports that “there is order in religious circles ever since the new regulations came into force.”

In 2018, President Kegame, worried to death by the conduct of so-called religious personalities, proposed (and enforced) a law that required ordained pastors of all denominations to possess the equivalent of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in theology or education.

Don’t blame Christian Council, Pentecostal Council and the Association of Charismatic Churches. The 1992 Constitution has gagged them into inaction. Four years ago, they initiated a process to get legislation requiring all churches to come under the umbrella of ecumenism, for the purpose of self-regulation — “not control”.

“It’s unconstitutional!” the body of prophets roared, asking “those orthodox people” to “get off our back”.

In 2022, the IGP, sick and tired of the reign of terror with prophecies of doom, declared a ban on 31st December Night Watchnight prophecies of celebrity deaths.

There was compliance in 2022, but for only that year. Just before midnight on December 31, 2023, prophecies returned with a vengeance. One of them was Nigel Gaisie’s.  

Nana Agradaa

*Before 2021, Patricia Asiedua was a traditional priestess, worshipping at the shrine of her gods, from where she “conjured money – bundles of fresh crisp cedis called “sika gari” — for the taking of whoever was “blessed” to be in her presence. Social media featured pictures and videos of people loading sacks of money into the trunks of expensive cars.

Known by her shrine name, Nana Agradaa, she was a traditional priestess and had been so for years.

Beginning 2021, she started falling foul of the law. Her name featured in a number of prominent cases. On more than one occasion, she was remanded in custody.   

Suddenly, one day, on April 27, 2021, she declared herself born again, converted to Christianity. Days later, she founded Heaven’s Way Chapel.

Agradaa was ordained into the Christian offices of Pastor and Evangelist by the Rapha Faith International Ministerial Network, a fellowship of churches, ministries and ministers. Apparently, they conferred on her a Doctorate degree.

A media circus began. Week after week, the “evangelist” spewed accusations against prominent people of the collar (within her circles). She slapped one of her associate pastors during church service.

On March 13, 2024, the same Rapha Faith International Ministerial Network that ordained her in 2022, suspended Evangelist Patricia Asiedua “for some recent conducts and decisions that breached the practices and doctrines of the organisation and Christianity as a whole.”

The fellowship said the suspension “is based on your recent activities that are totally against the ethics of the ministry and integrity of a minister of the gospel”.

Her ordination certificate, licence, doctorate and membership of the network were all withdrawn Agradaa would not be gagged. She replied with equal vehemence, calling the bluff of the fellowship whose president she accused of being “a fraudster and womaniser.”

 She was not done. Railing against the president, a Nigerian, she bellowed: “You are fake, you’re a crook, a womaniser and an occult”.


Meanwhile, the press statement issued by her church warned that “no institution whatsoever can withdraw her licence to operate as a pastor”.

Yours truly has lamented thrice on this page in the Daily Graphic that “God is losing admirers”. It didn’t take a year for Europe and America to become as godless as we see in this millennium. Too many fake prophets and false teachers over the years rendered Christianity unattractive.

As far back as 1851, John Milton, known for his stout defence of liberties, reminded society that “liberty sought out of season, in a corrupt and degenerate age, brought Rome itself to a farther slavery” (‘The Prose Works of John Milton’).

Remember Kenya’s Mackenzie who incited more than 100 of his followers to starve to death in order to “meet Jesus”. Remember the Jonestown Massacre.


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