Vote yes in referendum on election of MMDCEs - LPG

BY: Daily Graphic

The Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) has called on Ghanaians, irrespective of their culture, religious and political affiliations to vote yes in the December 2019 referendum on the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs).

According to the party, when the amendment to the Constitution was done, it would bring huge development into the country, especially the electoral areas and the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies.

In a statement signed by the party’s acting National Chairman, Mr John Amekah, it stated that the LPG believed that electing officials at the district level would position Ghana to properly address its development challenges.


Outlining some of the benefits of electing officials at the district level, the party explained that “development is not only in infrastructure, but capacity building of our people in social, economic and political development”, it would be significant

“For example, on security matters, our people will be educated on it in the face of the recent call on Ghanaians to ensure security consciousness in their environments; they can understand how to handle the educational development of their children and also, they can understand the potential resources for their development and tap those resources for same.

“And we will bring all the people together and unite them. It is on the basis of this that our people are being urged to rise and vote massively to make this happen,” it said.

Additionally, the party said electing officials at the district level would raise competition among the political parties and the party that had the knowledge of the development of the people would have the upper hand.

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“It also will influence our current campaign messages of promises of deceit of our people. In effect, our people will now rise to a level where they will know those deceits and rise against them,” the statement stated.

The party, therefore, urged all religious leaders, national and regional houses of chiefs, civil society organisations, media and market men and women leaders to put in effort in ensuring that the amendment to the Constitution changed.

“Those who will be speaking against this must be seen as enemies of progress of the people's development,” it added.


A constitutional referendum is expected to be held in December, this year, alongside local elections to allow for the direct election of MMDCEs and allow political parties to be involved in local elections.

The proposed changes would involve amending article 243(1), which provides for the appointment of MMDCEs by the President, and article 55(3), which bans political party activity in district level elections.[1] As article 55 is an entrenched clause, the referendum requires a turnout of at least 40 per cent and over 75 per cent of those voting to vote in favour of the proposal to be passed.