Hassan Ayariga — Leader of APC
Hassan Ayariga — Leader of APC

APC proposes solution to address nation’s challenges

The Leader of the  All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has called for  the implementation of an effective policy to address the nation’s economic challenges.


He said succesive governments must implement an ‘economic lockdown’ policy which focuses on the promotion of self-sufficiency and import reduction to bloster the economic fortunes of the country.

Mr Ayariga said the economic lockdown policy initiative would help address the detrimental effects of over reliance on imported goods including high inflation rates. “Central to this policy agenda is the promotion of local production and consumption. By encouraging Ghanaians to prioritise domestically sourced goods over imports, the APC aims to revitalise and expand various sectors of the economy. 


Mr Ayariga said when implemented, the economic lockdown policy would propel  key industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and agro-processing to experience significant growth as demand for locally produced commodities such as rice, oil, chicken, maize and others would rise.

He said the economic lockdown policy outlines the party’s plans to address the country’s economic challenges. He said one of the primary objectives of the economic lockdown was to reduce inflation rates by curbing the demand for imported goods.

By shifting consumption patterns towards locally produced alternatives, it said the pressure on foreign currency reserves was alleviated, thereby leading to more stable prices and a healthier economic environment.

Additionally, Mr Ayariga said the creation of new industries and the expansion of existing ones would not only generate employment opportunities but also contribute to overall economic diversification and resilience.


“It is crucial to emphasise that the economic lockdown proposed by the APC is not intended to be a permanent solution but rather a strategic intervention to kick-start the local economy,” he said, adding that “The temporary nature of this policy initiative underscores its role as a catalyst for long-term economic transformation rather than a standalone measure”.

By laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and development, Mr Ayariga said, Ghana could emerge stronger and more resilient from its current economic challenges under the APC government.

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