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 Up close with Blakk Rasta: A fusion of fashion, music and culture
Blakk Rasta

Up close with Blakk Rasta: A fusion of fashion, music and culture

Blakk Rasta, born Abubakar Ahmed, stands as a prominent figure in Ghanaian reggae and Kuchoko music, elevating the essence of both art forms. Beyond his musical prowess, he's recognised for his multifaceted talents as a radio presenter.

His renowned track, "Barack Obama," stands as a testament to his musical legacy, paying homage to the 44th President of the United States.

Educationally, he's a distinguished alumnus of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Land Economy.

Blakk Rasta on rocks

His pursuit of knowledge led him to the University of Coventry, where he attained an MSc in Oil and Gas Management, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence.

Blakk Rasta's distinctive style extends beyond music and academia; he's a passionate advocate for African heritage. Whether gracing the stage or hosting his programme in the studio, he's often adorned in vibrant African prints, celebrating our rich culture.

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Blakk Rasta on kuochoko

Notably, his signature dreadlocks are elegantly adorned with a neatly wrapped turban, adorned with an African print scarf, a testament to his embrace of his African identity and tradition.

Blakk Rasta on wrap scarf

Through his music, presence on airwaves and embodiment of cultural representation, Blakk Rasta remains an influential figure shaping both the music scene and the celebration of African heritage.

Blakk Rasta wax print combo

 Blakk Rasta fashion sense

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