Trust Hospital introduces service for newborns

BY: Charles Andoh

The Trust Mother and Child Hospital at Osu in Accra has introduced an innovative service that will help detect all kinds of diseases and ailments in children right after they are born.

Known as the Well Baby, the service will provide thorough screening and diagnosis for newborn babies in order to prevent complications.

Children born within the first two weeks will be screened for ailments such as hearing defects, eye defects, sickle cell, neonatal liver failure and galactosemia.

The service, which is the first of its kind, was launched by the Doctor in Charge of the Trust Mother and Child Hospital, Dr Frederick Boahene, in Accra.


In a presentation, Dr Boahene said the screening for the newborns entailed 15 diseases, noting that a blood sample would be required after which the exercise could be carried out.

He indicated that the results would usually be ready after seven days, and the necessary advice given to the mother.

Dr Boahene indicated that the service also comes with a booklet with charts on growth and development that would help parents track the early development of the child from birth.

“The booklets are to alert the parents about the milestones the child is chalking up so that if there is any defect along the way, it could be quickly reported,” he said.

Good news for parents

Briefing the media after the programme, Dr Boahene emphasised that the service would go a long way to relieve mothers, adding that those who did not give birth in any of the Trust Clinic branches could also access the service.

He said a lot of times children were born with varied complications, but were not detected early enough and that usually resulted in chronic diseases as they grew.

“Another important aspect of the service is the early detection of sickle cell disease in children after the first two weeks of birth which helps in early control,” he said.