Ablekuma residents lament deplorable roads

Residents of Ablekuma Central in the Greater Region of Ghana are facing significant challenges due to the poor state of their roads.


The situation has become a major concern for the community, impacting their daily lives and economic activities.

When it rains, navigating the roads becomes extremely difficult. Drivers and motorists refuse to take residents to their destinations because of the clumsy conditions. As a result, people find it hard to reach their homes during inclement weather.

Economically, the road conditions pose a threat. Drivers fear damaging their vehicles while transporting people or goods on these poorly maintained roads. Despite previous demonstrations by residents, the situation remains unchanged.

“We, the people of Ablekuma, are unhappy,” one resident lamented. “We hope the roads will be worked on soon, as they are a threat to our existence.”

The urgency for road improvements has led to protests, with residents demanding that the government show commitment and speed up road construction. In the past, they blocked the main Ablekuma-Manhia road and halted all movements to and from the area.

 Similarly, residents from five communities in the Ga West Municipality protested the deplorable state of roads, disrupting traffic flow and causing gridlock.

The poor state of roads in Ablekuma affects not only transportation but also the overall well-being of its residents. Urgent action is needed to address this critical issue and improve the quality of life for the community.

“The plight of Ablekuma residents continues to escalate as the state of their roads deteriorates,” Mr Desmond Owusu, a resident, said.

Their daily lives are severely impacted by these terrible roads. When it rains, it’s like navigating a muddy swamp. They have been pleading for years, but nothing has changed.
Master Abu, a taxi driver, added that he avoids taking passengers to certain areas in Ablekuma because of the roads.

 It’s not worth damaging his vehicle. The government needs to act.

Ernest Ofori, a local committee member, revealed that they had submitted petitions to the municipal assembly but the funds allocated for road repairs are insufficient, hence the need for an urgent intervention.

Mr Kofi Duah, a transportation expert, describes Ablekuma’s roads as critical for economic activities. Improved infrastructure would boost trade, reduce travel time and enhance livelihoods.

The consensus is clear; Ablekuma urgently needs road rehabilitation. The government must allocate adequate resources to address this pressing issue and alleviate the suffering of its residents.

Aidoo Emmanuel,

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