Students writing BECE
Students writing BECE

BECE: Addressing inconveniences, advocating reforms

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is a milestone in Ghana's education system, marking the transition from junior high school to senior high school. 


However, the exam process poses significant challenges for students, who are yet to write the exam. There are difficulties faced by these students, and drawbacks of the current system, that need reforms.

Junior students are forced to stay at home for a week, awaiting the completion of exams, disrupting their academic calendar and potentially leading to a loss of valuable learning time.

This also creates inconvenience for working parents who face challenges in finding alternative care arrangements for their children, resulting in added stress and financial burdens.

The current system has several disadvantages, including:

• Loss of learning time: The week-long break can result in significant learning time loss, potentially affecting students' academic performance.

• Inequitable treatment: Junior students who are not writing exams, but whose schools are examination centres, are penalised for what is beyond their control, while their peers in non-examination centers continue with their studies uninterrupted.

• Inefficient use of resources: Schools are forced to close, wasting resources and manpower.

To address these issues, authorities should consider the following reforms: They must designate specific exam centres: Establish dedicated exam centres separate from regular schools to minimise disruptions.

There must be staggered exams: Education authorities must consider staggering exams over a shorter period, allowing junior students to return to school sooner.

Alternative arrangements: Authorities must provide alternative learning arrangements, such as online resources or temporary relocation to non-examination centers, for junior students.

There must be flexibility to allow schools to decide whether to remain open or close, depending on their specific circumstances. By implementing these reforms and finding innovative solutions, we can minimise the inconveniences and ensure a more equitable and efficient education system for all.

Moses Sackie Agbemava,
Presbyterian Church of Ghana,
Trinity Congregation, Accra.

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