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EDITOR'S LENS: Saving creatives from the claws of drug abuse
Ghanaian musician Kwadee has been a victim of drug abuse

EDITOR'S LENS: Saving creatives from the claws of drug abuse

Ghana's entertainment industry has been plagued by a growing concern of drug abuse among celebrities in recent years.


 The glamorous and lucrative world of showbiz often hides a sinister reality, where the pressures of fame, wealth and social media scrutiny drive some stars to seek escape in substance abuse.

The phenomenon is not peculiar to Ghana or Africa since several high-profile personalities in the Western world such as Whitney Houston made headlines on drug abuse, shocking fans and sparking conversations about the need for support and intervention. 

From musicians to actors and other players in the showbiz world, the grip of drug addiction knows no bounds, affecting talented individuals who are role models to many who look up to them.

In Ghana, the case of musicians Red Eye of 2 Toff fame and Okomfour Kwadee readily come to mind when conversations about drug abuse among celebrities pop up. 

While it’s worth mentioning them as examples, it is equally important to highlight that drug abuse is the monster that has been left on the loose to destroy talents because we know there are others who have kept their addiction under wraps.

In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, a clinical psychologist, Dr Isaac Newman Arthur, had disclosed a number of reasons for which celebrities indulge in drug use.

Among them were pressure to maintain a glamorous image, as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety, peer pressure and social circles and access to drugs due to wealth and status.

Even though in our part of the world it’s difficult for celebrities to open up about their challenges, the likes of musician Agbeko who was signed to Hammer of the Last Two Production has openly talked about his challenges with drug abuse. 

His case and many others undoubtedly show drug abuse among Ghanaian celebrities is a pressing issue that requires attention and action. 

By addressing the root causes, supporting those affected, and promoting a culture of wellness, Graphic Showbiz believes we can help our beloved stars shine bright without succumbing to the darkness of addiction.

As such, relevant measures should be put in place to fight the problem. For instance, there should be the need to encourage open conversations and support, provide access to rehabilitation and counselling, raise awareness of drug abuse and its consequences, promote healthy coping mechanisms and stress management, and share stories of recovery and success from creatives who have overcome addiction, among others.

These, we believe, will help a long way in fighting this menace of drug abuse in showbiz.

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