Atwima Mponua Rural Bank to enhance customer relations

BY: Business Desk Report
 Constance Phyllis Puttick — Board Chairperson
Constance Phyllis Puttick — Board Chairperson

The Atwima Mponua Rural Bank is to leverage its customer service relations to strengthen the shareholdings of the bank on the back of increasing competition within the rural banking sector, the Board Chairperson, Constance Phyllis Puttick, has said.

She said banks were required to ensure that their customers were genuine, under what she described as Know Your Customer (KYC) policy.

Mrs Puttick said this at a two-day customer forum organised by the bank for its prestigious bankers. The event was to create avenues for further customer feedback.

The forum created a platform for the bank to have a personal engagement with its prestige customers and draw from the feedback gathered in their interactions to continue to develop tailor-made products and services to meet their changing needs.

“We need to get these customers to come on board with us not only to save with us or take credit but we want them to also own the bank; we have encouraged them to buy shares to be part of the bank because when you are part of the bank, you don’t see the need to go to sister banks but become committed to protecting your stake,” she said.

Exceeded target

Mrs Puttick maintained that while things were looking good, the bank had almost exceeded its budget for credit lines for the first quarter.

“This gives us the platform to talk to our customers more, to further appreciate their challenges, including the things they want us to improve, as well as share with them the new things we have brought on board,” she said.

She observed that the bank did not encourage ‘armchair banking’ but rather prioritised taking banking services to the doorstep of customers.

“We want these people to feel so much cherished by the bank regardless of their contributions, and encourage all the customers to continue to invest in the bank to enable the future generations to also benefit,” she said.

Important customers

The Chief Executive of Atwima Mponua Rural Bank, Mr Felix Owusu Akyaw, reiterated that the bank existed because of the customers.

He, therefore, appealed to them to continue to provide feedback to improve the services and products offered.