‘Let’s uphold truth’

BY: Kwame Larweh
Bishop Gabriel Doe Kumorji, Bishop of Keta and Akatsi Diocese
Bishop Gabriel Doe Kumorji, Bishop of Keta and Akatsi Diocese

The Catholic Bishop of Keta and Akatsi Diocese, Bishop Gabriel Doe Kumorji, has bemoaned the lack of candour in the Ghanaian society.

He stressed that truth had been so much compromised such that so often the idea of truth had taken forms and shapes which had become an accepted norm in modern society.

“We have compromised the truth in our society, it has taken so many shapes, we have the political and religious truth and those with ethnic spectacles,” he stated.

Bishop Kumorjie made these remarks as the Special Guest at the press launch of the 2019 Homecoming of old Students of the ST Thomas Aquinas Senior High School at Cantonments in Accra last Friday.


Elaborating on the theme ‘Reviving the spirit of Veritas Liberat and Discipline’, the venerable bishop denounced the “Ghanaian Truth” which he said was fast eroding the gains of society.

“The truth is only one, we can have many and different facets of the truth, systems must work but it can only work in Ghana if the truth works,” Bishop Kumorjie stated.

He added that ‘Veritas Liberat’, a latin terminology that connotes the ‘truth shall set you free,’ must always be linked to discipline, saying truth could only go with discipline.


Bishop Kumorjie noted that currently Ghana was at the doldrums of discipline which it lacked in all spheres of the country’s fabric.

He charged the society to identify those who spoke the truth and expose liars to build a better fundamental for the country.

The bishop admonished students and lecturers to always seek the truth and shun any habits that would compromise the truth.

“The truth and discipline must be the bedrock of understanding and effective relationship between staff and parents,” Bishop Kumorjie stated.

He called on Old Students of the school, a male-only institution, to instil discipline in current students and lead them to a path of truth speaking and discipline.

Bishop Kumorjie, who is also a former student, maintained that Aquinas had been an institution of great discipline when he was a student from 1974 to 76 and expressed the hope that it still remained so to this day.

A charge

Bishop Kumorjie charged students to work hard to uplift the name of the school and eschew vices that would bring the school’s name into disrepute.

According to him, that could only be achieved if they imbibed truth and discipline and practised it in their daily activities.

Biennial event

The Chairman of the Planning Committee of this year’s event, Price Stanley Achor, noted that the homecoming was a biennial event and this year’s homecoming would take place on November 22 on the school’s premises.

He disclosed that the 1994 Year Group of the Old Students, who are referred to as ‘Old Toms’, would supervise this year’s homecoming.

“There will be road shows to the various universities in the country to solidarise with past students and to our female colleagues, Aburi Girls and St Mary’s,” he stated.