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Discovering Adaklu-Tsriefe: Hidden gem in Volta Region

Discovering Adaklu-Tsriefe: Hidden gem in Volta Region

Adaklu-Tsriefe, affectionately known as Tsriefe, is a community nestled in the Adaklu Traditional Area in the Volta Region. 


With a population of around 450 and a history spanning nearly 800 years, this village offers a unique and captivating experience.


Rich history

Tsriefe burst into the limelight on March 6, 2023, as it proudly hosted the 66th Independence Day celebration. The Volta Region Youth Resource Centre, a man-made structure, played host to this significant event, solidifying Tsriefe's importance among the more than 90 Adaklu communities.

Although not the district capital of Adaklu, Tsriefe houses the offices of the district health directorate.

Furthermore, a privately-owned rice farm, with many workers, adds to the village's economic vitality.

The community meeting square

Tsriefe's historical significance stretches back centuries. During the era of the slave trade, it served as a crucial transit point for enslaved individuals captured from regions like Salaga and Krachi before they continued their traumatic journey to the coast.

The Awafia (battle chief) of Tsriefe, Togbe Edem III,  narrated that during the German colonial period the presence of a post office elevated the village's prestige. Later, under British rule, Tsriefe stood as the only Adaklu community with a police station.

Today, Tsriefe's charm is evident in its original surroundings, absence of stray animals, and an abundance of trees, including fruit-bearing ones. Littering is strictly prohibited in Tsriefe, and the protection of fruit trees is paramount.


Serenity of Tsriefe

Situated at the foot of the 600-metre Adaklu Mountain, Tsriefe enjoys a peaceful atmosphere.  Visitors are delighted by the splendid breeze that sweeps through the village from sunset to sunrise, accompanied by attractive cloud formations over and around the mountain.

In contrast to the delicate structures of the past, Tsriefe now boasts of modern and elegant buildings, including striking multi-storey buildings. Positioned as the first stop for vehicles travelling from Ho to Sogakope, the village hosts lively music-filled drinking spots, small shops, and a range of hair salons.

Despite recent developments, Tsriefe remains virtually crime-free.

Togbe Edem explained that, "thieves and robbers meet their end within the village, murderers face a grim fate before their victims are laid to rest, and rapists who evade death suffer the loss of their manhood for life."

  A shop at Adaklu-Tsriefe

Guardian of Tsriefe

The guardian spirit of Tsriefe and the entire Adaklu land is Mianor, a respected female deity who abhors all forms of crime and stands resolutely for truth.

It is claimed that Mianor intervens swiftly and ruthlessly to deter wrongdoers, ensuring the village’s safety and order.

The name "Kortsrife," the village's original appellation, translates to 'the site for the institution of taboos,' signifying the importance of taboos and customary practices in the community's foundation. Legend has it that the woman endowed with Mianor's powers could revive the dying with a single touch.


Community spirit

One distinguishing feature of Tsriefe is the absence of hunger. Abundant food production ensures that no one goes hungry.

The residents cultivate their own food, and surplus harvests are sold in nearby districts and the regional capital, Ho. Every household boasts of mangoes, oranges, and other fruits, while cocoa trees serve as ornamental adornments.

Notably, residents of Tsriefe are said to live exceptionally long lives, with many surpassing 100 years.

“This remarkable longevity is attributed to their organic diet, food sharing practices, law-abiding nature, and prevailing goodwill,” Togbe Edem III told The Mirror.



According to Togbe Edem III, Tsriefe places a high premium on education, particularly the empowerment of girls, with a remarkable absence of teenage pregnancies in the past five years.


The village's commitment to quality education and discipline is a legacy inherited from German and British colonial authorities.

An enclosure for animals

“With an eye on the future, Tsriefe seeks to leverage its abundant land resources for commercial farming, tourism development, and various industries. The village welcomes investors with open arms, provided they uphold the law,” Togbe Edem III added.

For recreation, Togbe Edem III said Tsriefe residents cherish their borborbor music and dance traditions. “Visitors can also enjoy hiking up the mountain slopes, offering breathtaking aerial views of Ho, especially enchanting during the night when the lights create a beautiful ambiance. A well-connected community, Tsriefe boasts of numerous taxis for easy travel between Tsriefe and Ho.”

He added that  the private sector has identified the tourism potential of Tsriefe and the rush for business space is set to begin. “For now, the two-storey 36-bed Gbekor Front Hotel is doing well interms of business athough the building is still under construction.”




Togbe Edem III said Tsriefe has challenges including recurrent invasion of farms by Fulani herdsmen's cattle. According to him, the community has brought this issue to the attention of the Adaklu District Assembly, awaiting a resolution. Additionally, there is a fervent desire for the construction of the road connecting Tsriefe to Adaklu-Waya to boost economic activities.

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