Zuma urged to take decisive action on economy

BY: Isaac Yeboah

Numsa's Irvin Jim says strike action in salary negotiations should be the last resort. (SABC)South Africa’s Secretary-General of metal workers' union Numsa Irvin Jim says President Jacob Zuma should take decisive action to protect the South African economy.  
Jim says Numsa has noted President Zuma's recent comment on the state of the economy. “The president needs to take strategic decisions that must ensure that we defend the manufacturing base. We champion manufacturing and industrialization and that includes tempering with the current macro-economic framework that has not been helpful at all. Inflation targeting has not worked. It is time to be  decisive, so on one hand, we will champion negotiations, but we will be saying to our members collective bargaining is not one pillar that will resolve all our problems. On the other hand we need to be championing and pushing government to take measures on socio economic issues”.

Jim also says that strike action in salary negotiations should be the last resort.

Jim will also be participating in the Global Solidarity campaign in support of Mississippi car manufacturing workers in the United States. 

“We are approaching negotiations with a very clear perspective and resoluteness that we are going there to negotiate. We need shop stewards that have a clear perspective, so that they can provide leadership to members, that is why I'm here. The strike is not something that we want but it will be the last resort for us, and if employers are not willing we will be left with no option but to do that”.

Source: SABC