Nigeria: Anti-corruption agency drops details of Hushpuppi's arrest

BY: Kweku Zurek
Nigeria: Anti-corruption agency drops details of Hushpuppi's arrest
Nigeria: Anti-corruption agency drops details of Hushpuppi's arrest

Nigeria's leading anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has revealed details about the arrest of Ramoni Igbalode, alias Ray Hushpuppi in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday (June 10, 2020).

It will be recalled that Hushpuppi's arrest in the UAE went viral on social media with media reports suggesting that it was in connection with $35 million ventilator scam.

The EFCC says Hushpuppi has a case to answer.

"The Commission is engaging with the FBI in tracing victims of his fraudulent transactions and other fraudsters having direct involvement with him. Local cybercriminals with money laundering networks with him, are also being investigated," the EFCC said in a Tweet.

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"Hushpuppi was arrested on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, in the United Arab Emirates in connection with $35million ventilator scam".

The Spokesman for EFCC, Dele Oyewale said in a separate statement to the Vanguard said the anti-graft agency ‘is familiar with grisly details of his money laundering transactions, involving many high-profile cybercriminals’ facing trial in Nigeria.

Hushpuppi's social media fame

Hushpuppi is famous on social media where he lives out a lavish lifestyle of popular photograph-sharing application Instagram.

He has over two million followers on the platform where he captivates with pictures of himself luxury vehicles, designer clothing and flying in private jets across the globe.

In his last post before his arrest, Hushpuppi shared a photo of a white Rolls-Royce vehicle with a cryptic caption.

He wrote: He wrote: "May success and prosperity not be a "once upon a time" story in your life... Thank you lord for the many blessings in my life to shame those waiting for me to be shamed".

See some of his Instagram posts below;