A motorist plying a bad road
A motorist plying a bad road

Ashaiman Jordan: Residents demand better infrastructure

The Ashaiman Jordan Road, a crucial route for many communities, has sadly become a telling sign of abandonment and woe. 


Once a reliable and essential pathway, it now represents the challenges and difficulties faced by those who depend on it. The community, which is home to over thousands of individuals, has been plagued with extensive potholes and muddy conditions, making it difficult for residents to move around freely.

The road network in the community has reached a critical point, with potholes, cracks and uneven surfaces causing chaos for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Despite pleas to authorities, the situation remains dire, with many wondering when relief will come.

The poor road network is not just a nuisance; it is a safety hazard. Accidents caused by poor road conditions have resulted in injuries, fatalities and damage to vehicles. Moreover, the constant need for repairs and maintenance has placed an undue burden on taxpayers.

The poor road network is also hindering economic growth and development in the community, as residents are forced to pay double the usual fare for transportation and constantly repair their vehicles.

As the situation persists, residents remain positive that the appropriate authorities will take immediate actions to repair, maintain and upgrade the road network to ensure safe and efficient travel for all.

Good roads are a fundamental social amenity that underpins many aspects of human life, from safety and economic growth to social connectivity and environmental sustainability.

Titus Kofi Amoah, 
University of Media Arts and Communication/Institute of Journalism (UniMAC/IJ)

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