I've always been a target of cyber bullying, says Abena Korkor
I've always been a target of cyber bullying, says Abena Korkor

I've always been a target of cyber bullying, says Abena Korkor

Mental health advocate, Abena Korkor claims that she has been the target of attacks because of misunderstandings about her battle with bipolar disease and how it has occasionally caused people to believe that she engages in some 'unwarranted' acts just for attention.

Abena Korkor has faced public scrutiny and criticism for some inappropriate behaviour during her episodes, which often manifest as periods of heightened energy and impulsive social media pronouncements. 

As a speaker on Graphic Showbiz’s X Dialogue Series on the topic, "Celebrities and mental health-Coping with the weight of mental health, held earlier today, she emphatically stated that she does not purposely set out to damage anyone's reputation, urging people not to take such actions to heart.
"It's painful that people feel like it's a personal attack when I'm at my weakest, and I mention their names. It is never my intention to target anyone. I don't have control over how it happens, and I hope people don't interpret it as a deliberate attack on them," she explained. 

 Abena Korkor asserted that it was the general lack of knowledge about her mental health challenges that encouraged her critics to lash out at her for deeds she had no control over. 

"People attack me out of ignorance and it is important to educate the public about mental health conditions.

Touching on how she copes with cyberbullying, Abena Korkor said she refrains from giving cyberbullies undue attention, focusing instead on her advocacy work and her journey toward her mental well-being.

 "I don't engage with cyberbullies; they don't deserve my energy," she noted.

Abena also shared that she finds solace in connecting with celebrities who battle the same condition serving as a  community that provides her with the strength and understanding as she battles with mental health challenges.

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