Carving a niche at a young age – The Ellis Adjei story

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Ellis Adjei
Ellis Adjei

For the past four years, 27-year-old Ellis Adjei’s Dolphin House Productions and Ellis Media has been organizing some high profile events like the Golden Age Creative Arts Awards, Ghana Social Media and Business Creative Awards and the Ghana Media and Entrepreneurship Awards.

Graphic Showbiz caught up with the young Chief Executive Officer last Thursday and he delved into his business plus some of the day to day challenges he goes through as an event organizer.

“At Dolphine House Productions, we organize events, awards, dinner nights among others and we have been at it for the past four years. Our main challenge is finance, sponsorship. It is not easy getting sponsorship for events in this country especially if you don’t have the numbers when it comes to attendance.

“During the COVID-19 period attendance was very low and it affected our finances badly. Since the President has eased the COVID-19 restrictions, this year will be a year of positivity and we will see massive attendance, hopefully our finances will soar,” he stated.

Ellis Adjei added that this year, his outfit will organise wedding ceremonies, engagements and their regular events, “The Golden Age Creative Arts Awards comes off this June and we are also coming up with Rock Your City in December where we will bring people from around the world to have fun and bond,” he said.

According to Ellis, a day in his life depends on what is scheduled for the day, “When I wake up, I look through my schedule for the day and if I have an event, I call the event vendors to set up the venue and display sponsors’ products for easy visibility.

“I get to the venue on time to ensure that everything is in order and the event is ready to roll, I stay throughout and make sure everything goes on as scheduled before finally leaving at the end of proceedings,” he said.

Away from work, Ellis’s hobby is visiting tourists sites, “In my free time, I do well to visit tourist atttractions to satisfy my curiosity. I love domestic tourism so visiting these sites really excites me and I learn so much about these sites.

Ellis Adjei is the second of two sons born to Eric Adjei and Gloria Nyanteh. He comes from Akropong-Akwapim in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

His favourite foods are Mpotompoto and Banku with Okro stew. His best colours are white and black.

He attended Hope Marie Academy at Auntie Aku, Santa Maria for his Junior High education and continued to Ofori Panin Senior High School for his secondary education.

In the next five years, Ellis Adjei sees himself as being one of the best event organisers in the country as well as become a big time Media Consultant.

He had a piece of advice for young people out there before bidding us adieu, “They should look at enterpreneurship and stop being fascinated by white colour jobs. Enterpreneurship will help you develop your talents and you can also be sure of skills development when you go into entrepreneurship.