Support Ghanaian movies, Chinese movies don't use English - Lilwin

BY: Berlinda M. Entsie
Kwadjo Nkansah
Kwadjo Nkansah

Ghanaian actor Kwadjo Nkansah popularly called Lilwin has called on Ghanaians to support the Ghana movie industry in spite of language in which they are made.

The actor, reacting to allegations that many Ghanaians have criticised the Kumawood movies of having limited audience due to their use of Ghanaian languages instead of English, rather admonished Ghanaians to support the local movies in spite of the language used.

Speaking on Abeiku Santana’s ‘Atuu’ show last Saturday, November 3, 2018, Lilwin said Ghanaians should support the local movie industry, love their own and stop tagging the Kumawood movie actors as people who cannot speak English because they use local languages in their movies.

“Let me ask a question, the Chinese movies we watch, do they speak English? No, they don’t...rather, the language is translated into English (subtitles) and shown on the screen so you follow the story and that is what we need here,” he argued to buttress his point.  

“The truth is that, let us learn to rally behind what we have. Look, if they say the local language is not good then, I ask all media houses to stop broadcasting in Twi and only operate in English and let us see what will happen,” he said.