"See political appointments as positions of service"

BY: Arku Jasmine

Mr Kenneth Ashigbey, Managing Director of Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL), delivering a lecture during the conference in Accra. The Managing Director of Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL), Mr Kenneth Ashigbey, has advised young aspiring politicians to recognise political appointments as positions of service to the nation.
He has, therefore, challenged them to be honest and truthful in all their endeavours.

Speaking at a youth entrepreneurial summit organised by the LEC Foundation in Accra last Saturday, Mr Ashigbey encouraged the youth to be focused and visionary in their thinking.

The summit, which was on the theme; “Defying all odds,”  was used to educate participants to be exceptional leaders and to alleviate the rate of graduate unemployment in the country.

“Being a leader is within you and not outside you. Leadership is about the ability to influence and not about positions. So don’t let where you are coming from discourage you from dreaming big and working towards it” he added.

He counselled the youth to enhance their knowledge through education, volunteering, reading and internship.

That, he said, would enable them to effectively confront the challenges they encountered and change them into opportunities, in their quest to be successful.

Furthermore, he advised the youth not to make money their major focus in life but rather to work hard to achieve success.

“Money must not be your focus; you must work very hard, be committed to your job, be passionate about your dreams and be ready to learn from your superiors in order to be successful,” he stated.

The Managing Director of GLICO Life, Mr Edmund Forkuo-Kyei, who was also a speaker at the same function, urged the youth to be strong when faced with challenges.

He encouraged them to be humble and hardworking, wherever they found themselves.

The participants were also advised by Mrs Justine Brookman-Amissah, Head, Corporate Finance Department, CAL Bank, not to make money the topmost priority in their lives but to rather adopt certain principles of life such as humility and hard work.

Another keynote speaker, Obafemi Banigbe, the Chief Operations Officer of tiGO, entreated the participants to think outside the box and read extensively to enhance their knowledge.

He encouraged them to be very patient and diligent in their quest to be successful in life.

By Franklin Badu Jnr/Daily Graphic/Ghana