Oti Region records 98.65 per cent YES votes; 88.31 per cent turn out

BY: Tim Dzamboe

The results of the referendum for the creation of Oti region has been overwhelming as it exceeded the minimum 80 per cent threshold of YES votes.

A total of 98.64 per cent voted in favour of the creation of the Oti region out of the Volta region.

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Graphic Online's Volta Regional Correspondent Tim Dzamboe reports that it also exceeded the 50% turnout threshold, recording a high of 88.31%.

The Volta Regional returning officer of Electoral Commission, Mr Joseph Kodua broke the news to a jubilant crowd at the collation centre at the Bueman Senior High School on Friday.

He gave the breakdown as follows:

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  • Hohoe Municipal, 21,367 registered voters, votes cast 10,619, 9,427 YES votes, 1,125 NO votes and 67 rejected votes, thus scoring 49.79% of the threshold of votes
  • Jasikan district had 40,566 registered voters, 39,360 votes cast, 38, 915 YES votes, 310 NO votes and 135 rejected votes thus scoring 97.03 %.
  • Biakoye district had 43,571 registered voters, 36,883 votes cast , 36,351 YES votes, 434NO votes and 98 rejected votes with a score of 84.65%
  • Kadjebi district had 43,586 registered voters, 40665 votes cast, 40002 YES votes, 553 NO votes and 110 rejected ballots thus scoring93.35 %.
  • Krachi East had 45,833 registered voters, 42,786 votes cast, 42,485 YES votes, 204 NO votes and 97 rejected ballots with a score of 93.35%
  • Krachi West had 28,157 registered voters, 27734 votes cast, 27,577YES votes, 66 NO votes and 91 rejected ballots leading to a score of 98.50 %
  • Krachi Nchumuru had 33, 357 registered voters, 29,112 votes cast, 29000YES votes, 51NO votes and 61 rejected ballots making a score of 87.27 %.
  • Nkwanta South had 58, 925 registered voters, 50, 893 votes cast, 50, 006 YES votes, 18 NO votes and 779 rejected ballots resulting to 80.37%
  • Nkwanta North had 51,183 registered voters, 45, 656 votes cast, 45,443 YES votes, 117 NO votes and 96 rejected votes thus scoring 89.20%.

In all, there were a total of 366,545 registered voters with 323,708 votes cast and 319296 YES votes and 2878 NO votes with 1534 rejected votes with a score of 88.31% above threshold of 50 %.

Jubilant citizens of Jasikan burst into joy and spontaneously embarked on a float on the streets to celebrate the victory.

Present at the collation centre were the Minister of Integration and Regional Organisation, Mr Dan Botwe; Volta Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Yaw Letsa; Deputy Volta Regional Minister, Mr Maxwell Blagodzi; former national organizer of NDC, Mr Kofi Adams; and some municipal and district chief executives.

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