A drug dealer or money launderer may take over our party if… – Asabee

BY: Isaac Yeboah
Stephen Asamoah Boateng
Stephen Asamoah Boateng

New Patriotic Party national chairman candidate, Stephen Asamoah Boateng says he has done his best to impress upon delegates to choose competent persons to lead the party rather than be influenced by monetary considerations.

He says if the delegates allow themselves to be induced by cash, money launderers or drug dealers could capture the party.

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In the meantime, he has shared his vision - a seven-point campaign message with delegates and hopes they will buy into it.

Amid allegations that huge sums of money are changing hands from the camps of some of the contestants to induce delegates to the party’s conference currently underway at the Accra Sports Stadium, Asamoah Boateng said he had heard same and was indeed aware of the unfortunate development.

“…I’m confident I’ll win. Today, I hear people are going behind me with money. They want to buy your votes. They are using money now and when they finish they cannot come to you…”, he told Joy News’ Elton Brobbey in a live interview.

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Asamoah Boateng faces six other candidates seeking to be elected as chairperson of the ruling NPP.

National Chairperson contestants

  • Stephen Ayesu Ntim
  • George Kwabena Abankwah-Yeboah
  • Stephen Asamoah Boateng
  • Gifty Asantewa Ayeh, aka Daavi Ama
  • Sammy Crabbe
  • Professor Christopher Ameyaw-Akumfi
  • Akwasi Osei-Adjei

Asked if that was not what every candidate was engaged in, trying to influence delegates with money and if he has himself not done same, Asamoah Boateng explained: “I have gone round three times, I’ve given them T&T three times, those who have come with money now, they went once, and they gave only 200 (cedis). I gave T&T three times, 150, 150, and then 100, so I’ve given some. And then they came last night, I’ve given them something, but others are going back, they want to buy votes, I don’t know where the money is coming from. Please stay focused. Remember 2024. You need a chairman that is focused, that has the energy….”

“My supporters are staying firm, they are very solid, they say Asabee we’ll shame them, we are taking their money but we will vote for you.”

So is it a done deal for Asabee? “God is the almighty decision maker, God should touch their hearts, and then touch their minds so that they will come to the stadium and they will vote wisely, free and fair, I’m going to protect the votes of me and nothing will happen. Asabee, Insha Allah, will emerge victorious.”

The conference was scheduled to start at 9 am, however as at 1:00pm, it was yet to start, leading to allegations that some of the contestants were keeping delegates in rooms for a brush up where there votes were being traded for cash.

Told that the delegates were not arriving at the conference grounds because they were being induced, Asamoah Boateng said: “People want to manipulate them with money. I am a straight forward, straight honest person. Whatever I should have given them for T&T I’ve given. I’m done. I don’t have any extra money anywhere. I am not going to take money that is tainted… That is the problem that we need to tackle. The whole contest must be restructured. If the party doesn’t restructure the way we conduct these internal elections, we can never tell where a drug dealer, a money launderer will take over our party.”

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