Use social media productively — Blogger

BY: Dennis Agyei Boateng
Mr Felix Adomako
Mr Felix Adomako

A blogger, Mr Felix Adomako, has urged the youth to use social media productively rather than for unproductive ventures.

According to him, applying social media to create wealth or make money was one way unemployment in the country could be reduced, considering that some bloggers and youths made more than ¢1,500 every month through social media. 

He said putting social media to productive use was better than staying at home and posting pictures on Facebook.

Mr Adomako made the call at a workshop on Digital Marketing in Accra. It was organised by the Universal Light Media (UNILIME) Foundation, an organisation committed to undertaking humanitarian activities.

“I know most young people in the country fancy using social media but do not realise they could use it to grow economically.”

“A lot of time and resources are wasted chatting with friends and posting unnecessary items on the Internet, when the time could be used to earn money and grow the user’s public image,” he said.

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Highlighting ways to make money using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp, Mr Adomako urged the youth to establish strong brands on social media using a product or service.

“If you get a lot of followers, it becomes easy to market yourself and that is when you will earn some money,” he said.

He advised unemployed graduates to make good use of their phones and social media since in this age of technological advancement, there was everything one could think of on social media.

Sharing his experience as a blogger, he said he began with a phone at a time when computers were not common in the country.

He said out of the passion he had and the strong brand he created for himself and his resilience in the face of difficulties, he was earning money every month at the moment.


The Director of Operations at McAndy Executive Academy, Mr Andrew Atarwini, noted that many young people across the world who had become conscious of the benefits to be derived from social media and other Internet resources were enriching themselves socially and economically, including becoming selfemployed.

He said social media was the solution to unemployment in the country because marketing was networked and products and services were now sold on social media which was boosting businesses.

Vocational and technical skills The National Project Coordinator of UNILIME Foundation, Mr Michael Asare, said

the workshop was organised to test reaction to a project dubbed “VOCTECH” which was launched in June this year and was focused on equipping the youth in the Shiabu community in the Ablekuma West Constituency in the Greater Accra Region with vocational and technical skills to enable them to become independent and support the government's effort to create jobs.

He said vocational trades were reliable, sustainable and secure compared to white-collar jobs, which was what motivated the organisation to decide to empower the less privileged with vocational skills.

“To empower the youth to come by jobs, there is a need to have them trained in blogging so they can make money for themselves and not become a burden to society,” Mr Asare said.

UNILIME Foundation was established four years ago with the aim of empowering ordinary people to become competent professionals in all fields, unearthing talents and helping the less privileged.