'There is hope in finding Takoradi missing girls'

BY: Mabel Faith Tannor
There is hope in finding Takoradi missing girls - Peace Counsel reassures
There is hope in finding Takoradi missing girls - Peace Counsel reassures

The National Peace Council has expressed a conditional hope that the missing three Takoradi girls could be found.

The council bases its hope on the grounds that enough modern and sophisticated equipment should be deployed for the police to aid the fight against trending crimes.

The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the National Peace Counsel, Right Reverend Christopher Nyarko Andam said the commitment and professionalism exhibited by police in Kumasi in the rescue of an Indian business man and lately the two Canadian ladies give hope that the Takoradi girls would be found.

Speaking on Joy FM, Rev Nyarko Andam said that the way the police attended to both cases involving foreign nationals with urgency shows that they are alert on fighting these kidnapping issues.

“It means that our security is alert and they will be able to help us when we get into such situations,” he said.

He added that though Ghana is not the only country to suffer kidnappings, the country must fight it from normalising.

“All over the world it's difficult even to have a country that does not experience these things. When it comes, what will our security agencies be able to do without equipment?” he quipped.

Rev. Nyarko further urged the government to provide the police with the necessary equipment to enable them fight other emerging crime trends.

“So, I will plead that the government ensures that these kidnappings are prevented, … prevention is better than cure... but should it happen, then the security agencies should be capable of delivering on their mandate to ensure that kidnappings are stopped,” he said.