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Wed, Aug

Emulzer paint experts visit Ghana

Mr Ziad Khoury (right), General Manager of City Paints, in a handshake with Mr Cagkan Goymat, Export Manager of Emulzer. With them is Mr Can Sahan, Sales Executive, Emulzer

Two technical experts from the world renowned Emulzer paid a one-week working visit to the country as guests of City Paints Supply Ltd. Emulzer is one of the biggest waterproofing companies in Turkey and a leader in liquid waterproofing solutions. During their visit, the representatives organised two different workshops with architects, applicators and various clients to educate them on the advantages of using the Emulzer range of products, product specifications and correct application techniques.

Speaking on behalf of Emulzer, Mr Kagkan Goymat explained the importance of using Emulzer waterproofing materials in the early stages of construction.  Whether basements, tunnels, motorways, bathrooms or swimming pools, he urged people to apply Emulzer waterproofing materials in initial stages of construction to avoid incurring high costs later.

He explained that Emulzer products were east-to-apply products and for the customers’ convenience, enabling them to save money, time and labour.

Mr Can also added that Emulzer were selective about the raw materials and strictly avoid using low quality ingredients. He urged clients to use Emulzer products due to their long lifespan as compared to the inferior products in the market.

They said it was their hope that in partnership with City paints supply they would continue to provide technical support to the clients and also work on increasing awareness about Emulzer both among consumers and in the construction industry.