Christ Apostolic Church commends Prez for stand on same sex relationships

BY: Felix A. Baidoo
Apostle Abraham Amoh
Apostle Abraham Amoh

The President of the Christ Apostolic Church of Ghana, Apostle Abraham Amoh, has lauded President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for coming out boldly to state his position on the issue of homosexuality and lesbianism in the country.

He said the pronouncement from the President had relieved Ghanaians of their fears and cleared all doubts there were regarding the issue of homosexuality and lesbianism.

He stated that many people were afraid that the same sex phenomenon was going to be imposed on the country once it was passed into law by Parliament.

Apostle Amoh, who disclosed this in an interview with the Daily Graphic in Kumasi described both lesbianism and homosexuality as a “canker” that affected human minds to act negatively against God’s righteous order”.

Stiff defence

Apostle Amoh said the issue of lesbianism and homosexuality had become a major topic for discussion in the country and creating nervousness of it being passed into law.

“Many faith-based organisations, civil society groups and many other institutions in the country have over the past decade campaigned against the issue of lesbianism and homosexuality which keeps resurfacing following efforts by some lobbyists to get it to become legal in this country,” he said.

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Cultural values

Apostle Amoh mentioned that the nation had cultural values and norms that controlled the behaviour of the people and there was no way an act such as lesbianism or homosexuality would ever be supported since it went against the country’s spirit.

The National Chairman of the Christ Apostolic Church of Ghana also lauded efforts by various faith-based organisations, civil society and pressure groups in the country to stand up and lead the crusade against the imposition of what he described as a “demonic act”.


Apostle Amoh warned that even though the President had made known his position on the issue openly, there was the need for various stakeholders to keep their eyes open and continue monitoring the situation so it did not find its way back.

He said some donor countries were looking for crooked means of making sure that poor nations that they supported with grants and loans were made to accept homosexuality and lesbian practices.

He reminded those trying to impose the act on Ghanaians to be mindful of the fact that every country had its culture and values which were respected by its people at all times and urged enforcers to respect Ghanaians and what they stand for.


Apostle Amoh wondered whether the laws and norms of countries such as the United Kingdom would ever allow citizens to indulge in polygamy, adding that the UK’s laws did not allow polygamy because its people were against it .