“Accra Aca” old boys give to alma mater

BY: Rosalind Amoh

The president of the Accra Academy Old Boys Association (AAOBA), Mr. Emmanuel Bruce-Attah, has called on all stakeholders in secondary education to work more closely and collaborative to ensure that students of today are not only given holistic education, but also preserve the vision for which schools were founded.

He said every school had a vision and it was the responsibility of the management of the schools, staff, students, parents and old students to ensure that the schools, despite the odds, are able to fulfill their mission.

Speaking at the Founders Day celebration of Accra Academy, Mr. Bruce-Attah said over the years, the school and its stakeholders – staff, its students and products have worked in tandem to ensure that the vision remained on course, contributing to not only raising responsible adults who are now playing various roles in the nation’s development, but has kept the school as one of the best in the country.

The Founders Day, commemorated with a virtual lecture held at the K.G Konuah Assembly Hall of the school, was on the theme: “Reviving Patriotism, Selflessness and Sacrifice in the Youth”.

Mr. Bruce-Attah said the issues of brilliant but financially disadvantaged students, that motivated the founders to establish Accra Academy still persisted and would be, thus the need to lend support to enable the school carry out its responsibility towards students who choose to be part of the legacy.

“Accra Aca was founded on the principles of supporting students of all backgrounds to pursue holistic education and that continues to be the mission of the school, 89 years after it was founded.

The president, therefore called on all old boys, students and Ghanaians in general to imbibe this spirit as it was the surest way to turn the fortunes of the school in particular and the nation in general around.

“It is not only important for all stakeholders to maintain such healthy working relationship to ensure that the credibility of the school is maintained, but necessary for all stakeholders in the provision of education to adopt that relationship.

“This will not only help preserve the vision of the schools, but provide the foundation for the nation’s steady development and progress,” the leader of the Accra Aca old boys stressed.

PPE presentation
As part of the commemoration, the Bleoobi as the old boys are nicknamed, with the support of Exim Bank, Ghana presented personal protective equipment (PPE) worth over GH¢20,000 to the school.

The items were made up of 160 pieces of face shield, 20 gallons of Sanitisers (2,083 bottles of 70mls), seven automatic sanitiser dispensers, six infrared thermometers and 2,000 pieces of facemasks.

Presenting the items, Mr. Bruce-Attah said AAOBA feels committed to help the school to fight the pandemic.

“This presentation is being made on behalf of the Old Boys fraternity. This is to ensure that staff of the school will feel confident and safe to give of their best as they go about their duties in the school”, he said.

Receiving the items, the headmaster Mr. Emmanuel Ofoe Fiemawhle expressed his deep gratitude to the AAOBA for its continuous support to school.

He explained although the government had provided PPE to the schools, it was important to fall on stakeholders such as old students to ensure a secure implementation of the safety protocols.

“This should not be a surprise as we know Bleoobi have always been supportive of the school. I’m overwhelmed with the kind and amazing gesture and support.

We are very grateful that the Old Boys continue to think about their school'' he said.

Mr. Fiemawhle gave the assurance that all the items will be distributed judiciously to reach all students and staff to ensure that the safety of the school is intact in the face of the pandemic.