NSMQ 2023: Accra Academy's valiant effort earns admirers despite NSMQ quarter-final exit
NSMQ 2023: Accra Academy's valiant effort earns admirers despite NSMQ quarter-final exit

NSMQ 2023: Accra Academy's valiant effort earns admirers despite NSMQ quarter-final exit

In a gripping showdown yesterday, Accra Academy demonstrated unwavering determination to avert a repeat defeat against Presec, Legon, in what turned out to be a fiercely contested quarter-final match at the 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).


The Bleoo boys fought with commendable tenacity, determined to overcome their previous loss to Presec Legon earlier in the year. 

Despite their spirited efforts, it was Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, Presec Legon, who ultimately clinched victory, having previously secured the Greater Accra Regional Championship by besting Accra Aca and Tema Methodist SHS.

The room was filled with a mix of emotions as the esteemed Quiz Mistress, Prof. Elsie Effah Kaufmann, extended her heartfelt commendations to Accra Academy. 

She empathetically acknowledged, "It's painful to see Accra Academy exit the competition with 58 points." 

Prof. Kaufmann eloquently reminded all present that in this fiercely competitive arena, only one victor can emerge, regardless of the impressive points accrued by the runner-up.

The closing moments were marked by a poignant display of sportsmanship, as both Presec students and fans united in a resounding applause, acknowledging Accra Academy's commendable performance.

While the end result may show Presec's triumph, it's worth noting that none of the semifinalists managed to amass 58 points in their respective qualifying contests. 

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Prempeh College came closest at 57 points. A comparison of head-to-head performances unmistakably underscores Accra Academy's outstanding performance among the eight semifinalists, even though they are bidding farewell to the competition.

Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, Presec Legon, boasts a storied history in the annals of the NSMQ. Undoubtedly, Presec holds the title of the most successful school in the competition's history, marked by a legacy of unparalleled achievements. 

This year, defending champions Presec Boys have demonstrated an unyielding commitment to maintaining their status. 

Phrases like "Our God is gr8" and "We domin8" have become rallying cries, embodying their pursuit of an eighth championship. 

These words are not mere rhetoric; Presec substantiates them with dedicated efforts and resources invested in training and preparing their participants year after year for the NSMQ.

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