Letters: Teach girls, boys about menstrual hygiene

BY: Junior Graphic
Education on menstrual hygiene is essential.

 Dear Editor, I am concerned about how girls in my school keep themselves during menstruation.

Some of the girls are not able to tell when next they have their periods and so tend to soil themselves unconsciously.

They always walk about with soiled attire, unless they are prompted. When I visit our washrooms, I see used pads everywhere. I know this is not good for our health.

Meanwhile, at home, I have friends who do not know how to fix a sanitary pad or what to do when they have menstrual cramps.

Some of them feel ashamed to tell their parents they have cramps so they can get help.

Even though I tell my friends to read more about menstruation to be able to carry themselves very well during that time, there is still the need for more education to reach a lot of girls and boys, especially in deprived areas.

I am calling for more education on menstrual hygiene to be done in schools to help girls observe proper menstrual hygiene to safeguard them from contracting urinary tract infections.

If young girls are also provided with free sanitary pads at school, they will always have some in their bags and readily available to use when they soil themselves in school.

This will go a long way to make girls feel comfortable during menstruation.


Nana Gyamfuah Osei Bonsu,

Agona Nsaba