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Simboxing: Fraud or technological advancement? Another view

This is a rejoinder to an article written by Nana Kwaku published by the Daily Graphic on March 23, 2015. 

The purpose of this rejoinder is to contribute to the debate regarding the Government of Ghana’s policy of managing the menace through Interconnect Clearance House (ICH). This write-up explains the concept, traces the business and political history of simboxing and highlights why it is a fraud but not technological advancement. 

I will follow with another piece that will share a business case, which supports Anti-Simbox solution.

Mechanics of simbox fraud

Simbox fraud is a practice whereby unlicensed telecom operators collaborate with their foreign counterparts to divert legitimate source of revenue from the government and licensed operators in the country.  They use devices to divert international telephone calls to a Ghanaian SIM card embedded in a device called Simbox, which regenerate the calls to the intended recipients in the country. The