The number of thoughts in our minds comes in different forms
The number of thoughts in our minds comes in different forms

Mind defence

Like a mesmerising mermaid, the sea dances and cheers, captivating all who behold her as her guests.


The beach is a stunning natural maiden that fascinates its visitors with her ornaments. Many wish to reside forever, never wanting to leave after a visit. Perhaps, those who have experienced the dangers of her raging waves are more cautious whenever they get closer to its shadow.

Some watch this breathtaking sight from a distance on rocks alongside the shore and others only dare to have their footprints in the sand of the shores.

There is a natural level or line placed between the sea and the land. This separates the sea from the land. It's called sea level by the geographers. This natural boundary checks the volume and the waves from an overflow, coastal erosion and flooding.  

However, there are several measures and additional structures that are built along the shores to prevent flooding and damage from waves and tides. This is also known as sea defence.

The human mind has a thin line that does the same job. There is this mind level in humans too. Made to sieve and filter out the numerous thoughts we have and process them. No matter how heavy the roar of the thoughts that rush in,  this line must not be crossed.  

If crossed, you leave the human being in a different dimension. Where the mind cannot take in the overflow of thoughts, be it negative or positive. This disaster damages the voltage or fuse of the mind.  

Nothing seems right, and it has several effects ranging from depression, trauma, suicide and murder to mention a few. We cannot control the number of thoughts in our minds, as they come in from several different aspects of our lives.

Besides, we do not have control over what should happen to us and what not to. Hence, there is a need to build a mental and psychological defence. Keep this mind defence intact, it keeps your being. Nothing can be done without the mind's fortitude.

Work on it day in, day out. It is better than going to the gym for workouts. Keep your mind in shape before your well-being. If the mind is strong, the being becomes formidable. And stands any life storm, weather and season.

The human mind is the most beautiful part of the human body. None of the advanced technology can match a quota of its functions and advancement. The most powerful and sophisticated machine ever made; yet, fragile and susceptible to distractions and destruction.

Let it be a top priority to nurture, protect and harness its full potential. At its full potential, it is such a beauty to behold. It radiates its brightness and makes the world stunning. 

Okunini Kwame Adonteng,
E-mail: nanakwameabrantie698

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