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VIDEO: See the moment Grammy award-winning Fuse ODG was handcuffed on suspicion of cannabis possession by UK Police
VIDEO: See the moment Grammy award-winning Fuse ODG was handcuffed on suspicion of cannabis possession by UK Police

VIDEO: See the moment Grammy award-winning Fuse ODG was handcuffed on suspicion of cannabis possession by UK Police

Grammy award-winning artist Fuse ODG was violently handcuffed and dragged out of his car by UK police in Brixton under suspicion that they could smell cannabis from his vehicle. 


A video capturing the incident has gone viral, showing Fuse ODG resisting the officers' aggressive actions before ultimately being overpowered. Accompanying the artist in the car was his business partner, who also witnessed the ordeal unfold. The Afrobeats star in a post on Instagram disclosed that the incident took place on February 28, 2023.

Fuse ODG, a Ghanaian-British artist, has since described the incident as a clear case of racial profiling by law enforcement in the UK. In the video, Fuse ODG can be heard shouting, "Are you mad? Do you have a warrant?" as he vehemently opposes the officers' actions.

The police officers involved justified their forceful approach by asserting that they handcuffed Fuse ODG to prevent him from causing harm to himself. One officer explained to Fuse ODG in the video, "The reason is to prevent harm... harm to you, and to yourself as well because you could grab the drugs and swallow them."

Following the altercation, the officers conducted a search of the vehicle and allegedly discovered drugs. Subsequently, Fuse ODG and his companions were allowed to leave. Fuse ODG shared the details of the incident on his social media platforms, uploading a video of the encounter.

The incident reportedly occurred on February 28, 2023, as revealed by Fuse ODG. Initially, he hesitated to share the incident due to exhaustion from witnessing similar videos and feelings of embarrassment. He expressed his dissatisfaction with being treated in such a manner, emphasizing his self-perception as a dignified individual. The released video was a censored version of the events that transpired.

Having had time to process the incident and reflect on the ongoing issue, Fuse ODG felt compelled to address certain matters. He emphasized that the incident took place without warning or explanation, resulting in his forced removal from the car and subsequent handcuffing in the middle of the street in Brixton. The tightness of the handcuffs caused him considerable pain, requiring a six-hour visit to the Accident and Emergency department. Additionally, Fuse ODG experienced neck and back pain in the following weeks.

Fuse ODG expressed astonishment that such occurrences are considered the norm for many individuals growing up in the UK. Furthermore, he highlighted the alarming fact that such incidents continue to happen even after the global attention brought by the George Floyd case.

The artist acknowledged the abundance of videos depicting police officers assaulting or mistreating black children in the UK, noting that many individuals affected by such incidents reach out to him for assistance. Fuse ODG emphasized that regardless of one's financial success or positive contributions to society, the system still perceives black individuals in a particular light.

This incident is not the first of its kind for Fuse ODG or his associate @mrhackett1, who used to face similar encounters almost weekly. However, with their current position in life, they now have the resources to address these issues differently. A formal complaint has been lodged with the Metropolitan Police, and the artist expressed gratitude to @tundeokewale of @UrbanLawyers for providing support in this matter.

Despite taking these steps, Fuse ODG acknowledges the unlikelihood of receiving justice through the existing system. He believes that the true battle lies within oneself, in not allowing these incidents to shatter confidence and in maintaining identity and dignity amidst adversity.

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