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Oheneba Kissi: I’m no celebrity
Oheneba Kissi

Oheneba Kissi: I’m no celebrity

Veteran Highlife musician, Oheneba Kissi easily passes for a celebrity.


He is famous for his music and well to do.

At the moment, he owns a number of cars, luxurious apartments and he is widely known and appreciated for his music but while his status certainly qualifies him as a celebrity, the ABC of Love hitmaker says the he is no celebrity.

He told Graphic Showbiz in a recent interview that he still picks Trotro and love to ride his bicycle sometimes since he is used to a simple life.

“I am always picking Trotro and riding bicycle and I feel so cool with that. I have cars I can drive to wherever I want but I want to live that free life.

“I remember occasions where people argued about me in trotro because they werre not too sure if it is the Oheneba Kissi they know who is riding a trotro with them. I just keep quiet in the trotro and observe things for myself,” he said.

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According to Oheneba Kissi, there is so much money in music and doesn’t regret choosing music over his accounting profession.

“Being a Chartered Accountant came by accident. It was my father who wanted me to be a chartered account and even though I didn’t like it, I did it to please him.

“I have never worked with the certificate for more than six months. It has always been music and I am glad it paid off and it is still paying off,” he said.                 

From experience, the revered highlife musician entreats his colleagues especially the young ones to wisely invest.          

“I have acquired properties due to investments I have made and I would encourage my colleagues to do same. As a creative, you won’t always be on top so it’s important to secure your future through investments and not live expensive lifestyles just to please others,” he stated

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