Number One gossip; But fears being a victim of gossip

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

BabieeFor all the bravado and dare that she demonstrates on television, Ghana’s number one gossip, Babiee, secretly carries a fear of falling victim to someone’s gossip.

The host of TV3’s very popular Hot Gossip programme for the past three years, Bridget Adjoa Sasu-Dapaah, aka Babiee, has revealed to Showbiz that she is aware many celebrities she has featured on her programme may be out to get her and pay her back.   

“Whenever I’m out, I know some people pray that I make a mistake or do something wrong so that they get me but I’m more than careful.

“You see, when I meet celebrities at parties or other events, I can tell that they become extremely cautious when they see me thinking that I’m there to collect ‘filla’ about them but one thing they don’t know is that I am more cautious than they are. I dread them getting any ‘filla’ about me which they can use later to hurt me”, she said.

She claimed that her TV programme has denied her of a normal life. “I used to party and hang out with friends but I do them no more because I don’t won’t anyone to get at me. I am very cautious wherever I go and whatever I do because viewers are always watching”.

Babiee said there have been several times when viewers had approached her to speak about some of the  things she says or does on air. She recalled one such occasion when a woman walked up to her in front of her house to advise her to be careful how she used her left hand when  hosting the programme.

“In fact, I had never thought that the use of the left hand could mean disrespect to some people so I’m very careful now and anytime I am tempted to use my left hand, I remember what the woman said and I quickly correct myself”.

According to her when she was hosting Morning Vibe on Vibe FM from 2009 to 2010, she could easily say things and get away with it  but on Hot Gossip, she doesn’t do that because many people watch her.

Hot Gossip has been on a two-month break to refresh itself till the end of April and within the break, the comments that have been running on Facebook asking when the show is coming back have given her a signal that Ghanaians really like the show.

She said that other people who know her as a radio presenter call into her mid-morning show on YFM to ask what the latest celebrity gossip in town was.

“I felt bad the other day when I was on radio and someone phoned in to ask what has happened to Deeba’s issue. What I asked myself is can’t I do anything else apart from gossip? For goodness sake, am I  going to gossip about people for the rest of my life?

One of Babiee’s on-air regrets on Hot Gossip was when she congratulated award winners of the D J Awards when, unknown to her, the event had been postponed. “The bashing I received was just too much. Some people said rather gleefully that I had goofed at last. Others said I had lied forgetting that my show was pre-recorded  and I was only congratulating the winners”.

Asked who she was dating, Babiee, who is the CEO of Treckkers Travel and Tour Agency, said since she broke up with her boyfriend a couple of years ago, she had been keeping to herself although there have been a few men knocking on her door.

“I’m  being very careful with the man I choose to spend the rest of my life with because I am a totally dedicated woman when it comes to love”, she said

Story: Kofi Duah/Graphic Showbiz