Media, celebs can stop negative news —Salma Mumin

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Media, celebs can stop negative news  —Salma Mumin
Salma Mumin

GHANAIAN actress Salma Mumin believes it is high time celebrities and members of the inky fraternity come together to see the way forward to reduce the influx of negativity in the media.

She admits there can’t be show business without negativity but the fact that people dwell on it does not mean that should be the final thing.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz on Friday, November 4, Salma said “We are humans, we should be able to sit and come out with a solution, it shouldn’t be so difficult because I believe the reason people love the negative news is because we do not present them with the positive enough.

“If negativity isn’t there, there is positivity and you will have no choice but to consume that. A lot of people’s lives and careers are being destroyed because of these things.

“This is an industry and we are all stakeholders. If one party’s operations are affecting the other, then I think there should be a deliberate attempt to sit down, discuss and come out with a solution that will be beneficial to all of us. However, that is not to say the media should publish only what we want.

“Obviously there is no newsman without a celebrity and vice versa, we need each other, you scratch my back, I scratch your back. I think celebrities and the media could have a conference or a forum where everyone can talk about what disturbs them. We can sit and come out with a solution.

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She further stated, “There is room for change but that can only happen when all stakeholders deliberate, I am speaking from an artiste’s point of view, Considering the fact that I have lost a few endorsement deals because of one or two negative news about me, not just about me but I have colleagues who constantly complain bitterly.se was showing in cinemas in Dubai and Saudi Arabia,

“We also have another movie titled The Agency, which will be released on December 2 so I urge all Ghanaians to come out and support a good movie,’’ she said.

Touching on her businesses, which are Salma’s Eatery and Lure, a clothing brand, Salma said, “As everybody knows, we are in hard times and no matter how well to do you are or rich you are, you are definitely going to feel the impact of the economy. Right now, we are just managing under the circumstances and hope for the best.”