Kayanmata is not juju – Rev. Danso Abbeam

BY: Delali Sika
Rev. Danso Abbeam says kayanmata and other sexual enhancers not black magic or juju
Rev. Damso Abbeam

Though they have existed for years, the use of enhancements by women, especially to boost sexual relations with their partners, is on the rise.

There are quite a number of them on the market with one of the most popular being kayanmata. Available in perfumes, syrups and vaginal washes, kayanmata originated from Nigeria and literally means "women's things”.

While they are seen as aphrodisiacs, there are others who have associated them with voodoo or black magic which ladies use to attract and keep rich men but founder of God’s Solution Centre, Rev. Dr Danso Abbeam, says they have no spiritual effect.

According to him, those substances were just to enhance sexual activities. “This is the problem I have with Ghanaians and Africa as a whole. If a white man should do something like this and bring it onto the market, we will all hail the person and talk about how great it is but once it is coming from a black man or an African, we say it is juju or spiritual.

“I have taken time to research into this kayanmata and I can say, there is nothing spiritual about it. That notion should be discarded.

“It is just like you being sick and taking pain killers so there is nothing wrong. If you use it, it will not distort your destiny, if it’s used on you, it will not do that either because there is nothing spiritual about it,” he told Graphic Showbiz.

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The founder of Abbeam Danso Institute added that people should disregard those black magic notions saying it was rather too much use that he was concerned about.

“For me, too much of everything is bad and that is what I will not encourage but I want the ladies to also know that these substances they buy do not keep a man or make a man enjoy sex.

“It goes beyond that, it is about how you present the sex, your facial expressions and all during the act. So, inasmuch as these supposed love or sexual potions are there, they do not really do anything. A man will stay because he wants to stay, not because someone used kayanmata.

“The truth is, these things are just enhancers not juju, let’s disregard that perception and appreciate what God has given us,” he said.

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The man of God also noted that there was nothing evil with Christian couples using some of these products. “There is nothing wrong with that, kayanmata is natural. They use herbs, fruits etc, these are things we take on a daily basis so if someone has decided to put them together, package it and give it that selling point of boosting love or helping you keep a man that doesn’t mean it is bad.

“We all know how sugar coated and aggressive some of these adverts can be, there is nothing anywhere,” he said.

Rev. Danso Abbeam however cautioned that his opinion about the use of the potions did not warrant anyone taking advantage and abusing them.

“I want people to know that the fact that I have said all these doesn’t mean people should take advantage of them and misbehave. There are implications to long usage.

“Again, just as every coin has two sides, I believe there are some bad lots in there so we just have to be careful like we should be with everything we do in life”.