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Icon! D-Black not celebrated enough
Icon! D-Black not celebrated enough

Icon! D-Black not celebrated enough

MOST often than not, the incessant narrative that pertains in a floundering industry is that, there’s very little hope and the players have little or nothing to show for it, but the fact is; there are some success stories that are not touted enough.


The intriguing accomplishments of D-Black is just one of them.

When one muses over the biggest business moguls in music across the world, names like Jay-Z, Diddy, Kanye West and 50 Cent easily come to mind but within our own ‘little’ domain, we have a native who replicates the business acumen of these greats and yet, we fail to extol.

Desmond Blackmore deserves all the flowers while he breathes!


Incredibly, D-Black has been active since 2009, yes; he has been active for 14 years—staying relevant for almost two decades. It is no easy feat to stay significant in such a higgledy-piggledy industry for almost 20 years but this man continues to evolve and has a grasp of the times and seasons and fits in perfectly through the dominance of Hipilfe, GH. Rap, Highlife and now Afrobeats.

For almost 20 years, his career in music is often under-rated but D-Black has had such an impressive run thus far. He can stand out proud with what he’s been able to achieve with his music and no one can begrudge him.

Unbeknownst to many, D-Black has had such a boisterous career, producing hits from 2009 till present, featuring most international acts and getting nods in most international awards including the Ghana Music Awards, Channel O Music Awards and BET Awards among others.

Label Head

There can be no thriving music industry without the existence of record labels and D-Black and a legion of other business-minded folks are realising that core element of the industry.

Black Avenue Muzik may not be as popular as the likes of Lynx Entertainment as a record label, but it has paid its dues in the music business—having offered the platform for a plethora of artistes to attain mainstream relevance, fame and popularity.

D-Black has over the years facilitated the recording, promotion, marketing and distribution of songs of artistes from Joey B, Dee Money to the likes of Freda Rhymz, Dahlin Gage, Ms. Forson, Osayo, Nina Ricchie & Wisa Greid.

Currently, DJ Breezy, S3fa, Rony Turn Me Up and new act, Paul Noun are on the label, trusting the imprint and its head to project them to the higher echelons of the creative domain.

Risks, Losses & Resurgence

The most astute and accomplished entrepreneurs across the world took risks, made losses but were resilient and determined to keep surging and D-Black is an epitome of such zeal.

Firstly, not all the artistes he signed were successfully and not every venture he tinkered with worked as envisaged. His ambition to have a foray in almost all fronts of the creative business saw him venture into clothing, films, live events, and television.

Founded in 2012, Black Avenue Clothing had such a short stint and Black Avenue Films as a production company produced only one high profile movie, Why Should I Get Married which starred John Dumelo, Prince David, Princess Shingles and others.

Peace Hyde is now one of the top Media Executives on the continent and she got one of her big breaks, thanks to D-Black and Black Avenue Television’s TV Show, The EFGH Show.

Amid all the failed projects, D-Black stayed resolute, resilient and ventured into other viable businesses that have seen him soar – a mark of a true business luminary.

Consummate Mogul

D-Black has been a tycoon for years, fronting as the most savvy businessman in the creative industry - arguably. He struck one of the most lucrative endorsement deals as face of Cîroc Vodka in 2014 and commandeers an Events Company, Livewire Events – which, since 2015, has delivered varied events including corporate events, celebrity soccer matches, large concerts as well as festivals.

No creative person or business owner can go past advertising in the projection of his/her businesses and D-Black knew this, so why not set up your own advertising company. And yes, he did, founding his own media and advertising company, Volcano.

He owns two of the most popular night clubs/lounges in the capital, Club Onyx and Oasis Lounge – which have hosted a myriad of celebrities over the years.

But wait, there’s more!

La Maison, a plush restaurant, also situated in the capital is owned by D-Black and just recently, he unveiled an online radio platform, Enjoyment Radio which has started operations.


Shine On!

From going homeless to becoming one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the country, not just limited to the creative industry, D-Black’s accomplished exploits have not been peddled enough.

The likes of Despite, Ofori Sarpong, Tobinco, Kennedy Agyapong, Ibrahim Mahama and a host of astute businessmen are offered incessant plaudits for setting up multiple businesses that generate employment opportunities for Ghanaians. With multiple enterprises, D-Black is not far from that league.

With that insatiable hunger to succeed, the zeal and determination to venture into new frontiers and the resilience to rise up after every falter, would see D-Black become one of the biggest moguls from the creative space across Africa and beyond.

D-Black’s remarkable tale is a testament that there are such brilliant personnel in the creative domain. All they need is the convivial environment to thrive, the support and encouragement. Shine on!


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