Hardworking celebs don’t waste money for social media ‘likes’—Gifty Asante

BY: Delali Sika
Actress Gifty Asante chides celebrities who show off on social media
Gifty Asante

Flaunting of lavish lifestyles, especially by female celebrities is becoming normal. It is now common to see they show off their designer clothes, exotic travel locations, flashy cars and expensive houses.

There has been speculation about how they make their money and while some may say it is nobody’s business, for actress Gifty Asante, those who work hard for their money do not show off for the sake of getting likes or comments on social media.

“The truth is always that if you work hard for your money, you will not engage in things for the praises you will get from people today. For me, the only people who do that are those who did not work hard for their money.

“If you do, you will think of investing rather than spending it all on things that will only get appreciated by people on social media. For me, I have my money at other places working for me, I have investments that I am engaged in and that is what it should be.

“If we are able to do this, we will not find ourselves wanting when we grow old or are no longer active in the acting business,” she told the Graphic Showbiz recently.

Gifty Asante recently celebrated her birthday and she used the occasion to make a donation to veteran actor, Kojo Dadson, who is still recovering from a stroke and it was an emotional moment.

According to Gifty, the occasion reiterated her decision to make hay while the sun shines and encouraged her colleagues to plan for their future.

“Kojo Dadson said a lot of things that got to me; he spoke about how he was young and vibrant some years ago but the situation was not the same today.
“He said some of his colleagues were dead, while those who were alive were having issues. He even encouraged us to extend the donation to others and it gave me a lot to think about.

“The truth is whatever situation he is in today could be me as we are all in the acting business. I vowed to continue to use my money well and put in place a good plan when I am old. I cannot keep it to myself so I am sharing and encouraging my colleagues to do same.

“Often, we see and read stories but have we ever asked ourselves what lessons we are taking away from them so not to find ourselves in such situations or we read for just reading sake? The truth is that it was heart breaking for me and I am glad I learnt something that I am sharing,” stated.
Talking about how COVID-19 had affected her career, Gifty Asante said, “It has really affected us but it has also made us innovative and creative. Because not many people are expected to be together at a particular time, we now have to look for ways and means to still shoot movies and make ends meet.

“However, we are hopeful that very soon, things will be back to normal.”