Government must fund movie industry—Mama Cali

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Mama Cali asks govt to fund movie industry
Actress, Mama Cali

MANY people have given their opinion on what they think can be done to revive the movie industry, and for veteran actress Adwoa Boahemaa, popularly known as Mama Cali, government should fund the industry.

“I have heard that government will put up some theatres for us as well as a film village but I believe if some appreciable amount of money is also injected into the system, it will go a long way to revive the industry.”

“We get some royalties from ARSOG and it used to be quite substantial but these days, it is very small so, perhaps, government can come in to support so that we can take home a reasonable amount of money,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Touching on some of the challenges in the movie industry, Mama Cali said, “The work is not easy and we are a lot. As human beings, you might say something that will upset your colleague and vice versa so when that happens, you apologise and move on because you will definitely work together again.”

“When I started, my financial situation was not good at all but God being so good, when we went on set at Miracle Films, we were given food and free transportation to and from the location. At the end of the production, we were paid so gradually things became better,” she said.

Mama Cali has been in the movie industry for about 13 years and she has acted in a good number of movies including Big Dreams, Dea Oye Me, Suro Duabo, Obaatan Nbo Dua, Ahintasem, Me Judge Akasa, Efie Mpo Ni among others.

She was discovered by Evangelist Samuel Nyamekye of Miracle Films. “Evangelist Samuel Nyamekye’s wife is my younger sister. I am the one who normally announces donations at family funerals etc.”

“He realised I could act and gave me my first role as a queenmother in the movie Big Dreams and he was impressed with my delivery. Though I did just one scene in that movie, the rest, they say is history,” she stated.

Mama Cali explained how she came by that name. “It has always been my dream to visit California in the United States. I have promised myself that it is one place I will definitely have to visit in my lifetime and everyone who knows me knows about it so that is how I came by the name,” she said.

Mama Cali opined that the upsurge of COVID-19 has affected the movie industry just as it has other sectors. “Things have really changed but thanks to YouTube, we shoot short videos and series so at least that keeps us going and we are grateful to God for that.”

She had some advice for up and coming actors. “Take every work you are doing seriously and have a good heart if you want to succeed.

“Nothing comes easy so be patient and respect your elders especially your directors and producers because they give you the platform to shine and most importantly remember to pray fervently and trust in God,” she said.