Omane Acheampong shifts to ‘Hakuya’

Perhaps, he is not only eccentric with titles of songs like Tabitha Kum, Zaphnath Panea and Mahashala Hashbaz but gospel singer, Nicholas Omane Acheampong is also unique with his haircut,a  punky life affair which he has carried as long anybody remembers as a popular musician.

But the man who claims that his punky haircut which he has kept for over two decades helps him to create and write good lyrics was sporting a different hairstyle when he visited  Showbiz offices last Tuesday. He calls this new hairstyle, Hakuya.

“My new hairstyle is called Hakuya and has a spiritual implication. I have never liked keeping my hair low because that is not my style. That is not to say that I was uncomfortable with my punk. No, I am keeping this new look for a purpose.

“I have been sporting this hair for over a month now but nobody has mustered the courage to ask about this new look. I am revealing this to you because you have been observant and I need to let you know the truth.

“ Hakuya defines the volcanic explosions yet to hit the gospel industry and this is no child’s play at all. It will hit it like a bomb and a great shaker that will take the country to another level. Extra ordinary things will happen from my camp and will take this generation to the next level” he told Showbiz.

According to the Tabitha Kum singer, this year is God’s time for his blessings and the opportune year for people to meet a fulfilled destiny and he wants to champion such a worthy cause “This is my year of fulfillment so I need to accomplish my purpose in life”.

“Gospel singers should not always be seen singing Halleluyah or the praises of God.

We sometimes need to take some radical steps to bring about some radical change in the spiritual realm.

The country needs change and this is the time for God to use me to bring about the needed transformation. I am not bragging because I hate to blow my own horn.” he said.

He discounted the suggestion that his new Hakuya hairstyle was his way of rebranding himself in the industry in the face of the stiff competition.

“I don’t need any rebranding. I have already branded myself with my music. As I said earlier, this hairstyle is for the accomplishment of a divine purpose which I have started pursuing and hopefully by the end of the year, its fruits will yield for all to see” he said.

The Zaphnath Panea singer said that unknown to people; he had kept the punk hairstyle since his childhood days but only became “official” and his brand identity when he hit the limelight.

“My mum told me that I had this punk hairstyle when she gave birth to me and I recently confirmed it when I saw my dad’s picture during his youthful days and that trait is peculiar to his family so it comes naturally to me. But now, it is Hakuya all the way” he said.